Sessions held via Zoom

We do not have to be in the same room for me to apply my healing work, but it is important that you and I can communicate during a Session, via Zoom.

The additional benefits of working via Zoom are: you can enjoy our Session on your favorite sofa, in your home or in your office. You have great flexibility time-wise. You can easily relax and focus on the situation you are dealing with and integrate my healing work comfortably.

What I can help you with

Here are the most common issues in my healing practice:

✶ Chronic or occasional illness (any kind of physical health issue)
✶ Difficulties ​in finding the right partner or career path
✶ Struggles ​with feeling enough and fulfilled in your life
✶ Intergenerational trauma, childhood trauma, past life trauma

With my healing work, I collaborate with Spirit Guides. Our goal is to help you strengthen your self-healing powers and access your spiritual magic, which is centered in self-love, relatedness, intuitive knowing, and radiance.

My approach can benefit you, your career, your relationships, and your sensitivity by restoring harmony with your ancestors and facilitating ​spiritual growth and well-being. 

​As a spiritual guide, I provide you with the energetic and spiritual aspects of ​your healing process ​and I uncover and transform hidden or subconscious issues​.

This healing process can create a solid foundation for navigating life's challenges, overcoming fears of rejection, and ​building and maintaining harmonious relationships in your career and ​beyond.

Ethical Standards in Sessions

I prioritize your well-being and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics during all our Sessions. This includes maintaining confidentiality, using safe and natural healing methods, and fostering a respectful and professional environment.

To learn more about my ethical commitments, please see my full Code of Ethics.

​Why listening to your pain can bring solutions

Chronic pain can hold energetic information for you. In this video, learn how acknowledging and listening to your pain can support you in your healing process.


How does healing work via Zoom? Shouldn't we meet in person?

Healing via Zoom is just as effective as in-person Sessions. This is because my voice carries healing properties, and I energetically communicate with your Higher Self, Body Deva and team of Spirit Guides. Energy is not limited by physical distance, and my connection with my own team of Spirit Guides allows for transformative healing work regardless of our physical locations. Many clients find that being in their own comfortable environment during a Session helps them relax and open up more fully to the healing process. The key is our energetic connection and communication, which transcends physical space.

Do I need any special preparation for a Session?

No special preparation is needed, and you also don't have to be familiar with any of my teachings or with any kind of healing work. Just find a quiet, comfortable space where you can relax and focus during our Session. We'll pick you up from where you are currently standing in your process of healing and transformation.

What can I expect during a Healing Session?

During a Healing Session, we will focus on your specific concerns, whether they are related to physical health, relationships, or career. I will work with my Spirit Guides to support your healing on all levels. Sessions are conducted via Zoom, allowing you to be in a comfortable and familiar environment.

How do I book a Session?

To book a Session, please reach out to me on my Contact page. We will engage in a 7-day email dialogue to ensure mutual clarity and comfort. Once you feel ready, I'll provide you with a link to my online calendar to schedule a Sample Session.

Session Options & Pricing


60-minute Healing Session:

€130 (approximately USD140 or AUD210)

My Spirit Guides and I will help you to invite healing into your life – on all levels, in all dimensions and in all directions of time. You can focus your healing on physical health issues, relationships or on your career.

Unlimited email support as related to what we did in the Session included.

This Session can sometimes take up to 90 min.

Payments can be made easily and safely via PayPal.

60-minute Sample Session:

€130 (approximately USD140 or AUD210)
For new clients only.

We will focus on your physical health, providing you with a full experience of what it's like to work with me and my Spirit Guides. This initial focus on your physical well-being can help create a foundation for overall healing and transformation.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have about the process.

This Session can sometimes take up to 90 min.

Payments can be made easily and safely via PayPal.

After your Sample Session, you can choose from ​two options:

1. Book Healing Sessions as needed.

2. Activate and Deepen Your Healing Process: Three 60-minute Healing Sessions over the course of one month (€330 / approx. USD350 or AUD540). Includes a free 15-minute follow-up, lifelong access to resources, and tools for connecting with Spirit Guides.

​After completing ​my Healing Process, you can choose to join my 1:1 Healing Program: 'Love+Live Your True Nature' – six months of support with reduced fees, exclusive workshop access, and live events.

Payment plans are available at no extra cost (€110 per month).

Reach out and connect

​If what I share here on my website resonates with you, I invite you to reach out. Whether you have questions or are simply interested in exploring a Sample Session, we will start with an email exchange to ensure you feel comfortable and clear about taking this next step in your healing process. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Initial Contact: Send me a message with your questions, concerns, and a description of your current challenges and physical health issues.

2. 7-Day Dialogue: We’ll have an email exchange over the next 7 days to ensure mutual clarity and comfort (we can also use Voxer, Signal or iMessage). This is not a sales process; it’s about understanding your needs and how I can support you. You can preview the questions I will be asking you during this exchange by accessing this page here​.

3. Focus on Physical Health: Our initial focus will be on your physical health, as addressing this can create a strong foundation for overall healing and transformation.

4. Schedule a Session: When you feel ready, I’ll provide a link to my online calendar where you can schedule a Sample Session. You can decide when you are ready to schedule or not schedule the Sample Session within those 7 days.

If you are in a state of emergency (always call a doctor first, if needed) or because you feel overwhelmed, please let me know, and I will do my best to take you in quickly – usually within 1-4 days.

​I make time each month for new clients and you are warmly invited to contact me for a Sample Session here:

Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.