My healing work awakens your self-healing powers, it is supportive for healing in a holistic sense, and it encourages you to create a fulfilled life for yourself. It has equal status with traditional medicine, naturopathy and other therapeutic services, and it is not competing with these techniques.

Update your energy fields, and your energy fields will update your life.

Everything you are experiencing here on earth is an energetic mirror of what is going on in your energy fields. So, if you feel physical, emotional or energetic pain here, in your human body, that’s because there is an energetic disturbance in your energy fields. In other words: When your energy fields are updated, your pain can leave. And this is what my Spirit Guides and I can do for you.

What I can help you with

physical issues:

  • (chronic or occasional) illness or pain
  • life threatening traumatic conditions
  • unexplainable body symptoms
  • panic, anxiety, social anxiety
  • insomnia
  • exhaustion
  • trauma
  • (post-traumatic) stress

relationship issues:

  • setting healthy energetic boundaries in all your relationships
  • deepening your self-love and your ability to create intimacy and authenticity in your relationships
  • letting go of (unhealthy) relationships in a peaceful way
  • getting ready and prepared for a new love relationship
  • improving your relationship with your Self, your energy fields, emotions, needs and guidance

business-related issues:

  • understanding the unique essence of your soul, your soul’s purpose, your magic
  • translating your soul’s essence into your business so you can grow and expand in a wholesome way
  • developing and manifesting a true vision for your life that is aligned with your soul’s purpose and with the soul of your business
  • reaching your goals with an action plan that is aligned with your soul’s purpose and with your guidance

Healing Sessions

Based on the intentions you set, I will plan each step of your process as guided by a team of Spirit Guides who are specialists for your specific health challenges and your personal growth.

Transform your current challenging situation into a life where you feel encouraged, empowered and free to live the life you want to live. Refresh and stabilise your healing process until you can fully embody your new you and live a fulfilled life.

You will be able to:

  • heal the energetic source of your physical, emotional or energetic pain
  • learn how to relate to your body, your soul and yourself in a new and empowered way
  • gain clarity around what kind of action you really need to take, and find out which elements of your life can just stay the way they are, because they are already perfect

We do not have to be in the same room for me to apply my healing work. But it is important that you and I can communicate during a Healing Session, via video chat (e.g. Skype) or over the phone.

The additional benefits of working via video chat or over the phone are: You can enjoy our Session on your favorite sofa, in your home or in your office. You have great flexibility time-wise. You can easily relax and focus on the situation you are dealing with and integrate my healing work comfortably.

My Healing Sessions are available worldwide via video chat (e.g. Skype) or over the phone, in German or English.

Who I work with

I am highly-sensitive and tender-hearted which is why my healing work tends to work best for people who consider themselves rather sensitive, too. Many sensitive souls are feeling called to be a modern wayfinder, a shaman or a priest/ess, i.e. you might be a consultant, a psychotherapist, a healer or a coach in some shape or form. But no matter what your life’s calling is, I think that what all of us sensitive souls share with each other is that we want our lives to be deeply rooted in love, relatedness and intuitive knowing.

On choosing the right healer

I know how challenging it can be to choose the right healer for you. What I suggest you to do is to ask yourself how you would choose a doctor or a therapist. And to then apply the same intuitive process to this situation and ask me any questions that you have prior to booking a Session with me. This usually works best for choosing the right support for yourself, in my experience.

Session fees

I charge € 125 per 60-minute Session. It is recommendable to commit to having weekly Sessions for the first 3-6 weeks, and to then switch to bi-weekly Sessions for 3-6 months. Shifts can happen more easily this way. This is why I have packages of 3 or 6 Sessions available at a reduced fee.

Payments can be made easily and safely via PayPal.

I live in Konstanz, Germany. You can find some photos of the beautiful nature and my work space below.

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About my Spirit Guides

In all of my Healing Sessions, I work with my team of Spirit Guides who call themselves “Azez”.

The Azez are a group of souls that are not incarnated into physical bodies, and they are Spirit Guides as well as angelic Healing Beings – meaning, they can see all of your dimensions (e.g. your soul, your body, your emotions, etc.), they can help you understand who you are and why you are here, and they can send you healing vibes.

My approach

The Azez and I are here to help you to gently and safely release disturbances and blocks on an energetic level that create imbalances in your system.

These imbalances usually show up as dis-ease or annoying patterns that repeat themselves in your relationships or in your career. 

What I also want to point out is that since the Feminine has been suppressed over the past millennia, the energetic source behind your imbalances is – in most cases – related to this collective trauma. There might be aspects of that suppressive energy in your personal history (e.g. childhood trauma), in your soul’s history (e.g. past life related trauma) or in your ancestor’s history (ancestral trauma).

I think I can safely say that from my experience, most of the issues that you are dealing with and which cause you pain are actually not yours (actually 70-80% of your issues).

By removing these disturbances and blocks, your body immediately releases stress, and your whole system switches into self-healing mode.

My Spirit Guides and I walk you through a process – energetically – of helping you to shift the consciousness of your energy fields in order to release the energetic disturbances that are causing your symptoms.

And when those energetic blocks are released, your updated energy fields can then create a new reality for you, here in the physical realm.

Together, we will work on your soul’s essence and on your energy fields so you can release your current energy blocks, create a soft and gentle realignment with your wholeness and feel safe, grounded and at home in your body.

My healing modalities

My work integrates insights from the fields of Traditional Coaching, Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Evolutionary Spirituality.

I use a very modern, non-denominational mix of Spiritual Healing, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing, Akashic Records Reading and Transformative Coaching as a way to ask the Universe/the Divine/Source for a customised healing for you.

Additionally, I am also working with a Professional MAP team. MAP is the short term for “Medical Assistance Program”. This program connects me with a team of Spirit Guides who are specialists for your specific health challenges and for your personal growth. It was designed in a way that helps healers like me to include the new Aquarian health and healing dynamics into our health care practice. At the moment we are all involved in the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian era. Which means that we have to develop new ways of working with and within the Aquarian dynamic. Everything is moving through this transition, including our physical body. MAP was created in the late 1970-s by Machaelle Small Wright as the result of seven years of research and work.

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Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.