My healing work awakens your self-healing powers. It is supportive for healing in a holistic sense. And it encourages you to create a healthy, abundant life that’s deeply rooted in spirituality. My work has equal status with traditional medicine, naturopathy and other therapeutic services, and it is not in competition with these techniques.

(Note: there is a lot for you to read here, but I want you to get a good idea about what you can expect from working with me so we don’t waste any time with me having to give you this kind of information in a Session)

Understand who you are and why you are here

Your soul’s essence is from a place in the universe where everything is ONE and in harmony. And you came down to Earth because you wanted to express yourself creatively and because you wanted to fulfil a certain purpose. And as much as there is ONENESS up in the sky where you originally come from, each planet, star and galaxy functions very differently.

What that means for you is that you are so unique that the way you manage your life down here on Earth is very unique, too. Meaning: the way you receive, express and manifest your soul’s essence and purpose is completely unique.

That’s why embodying who you are at soul level is a very magical thing to do, and expressing your soul’s qualities can give you a grounded experience of health and well-being in all areas of your life, including spiritual and financial abundance.

You are in fact much more amazing, unique and beautiful than you probably think you are.

My healing work can give you the missing pieces of the puzzle as part of your transformational process. That’s because other healing modalities (e.g. western medicine, psychotherapy, physiotherapy) have been created to mainly help you to heal the physical, emotional or mental aspects of whatever is bothering you. And my healing modality helps you to heal the spiritual and energetic aspects of whatever is bothering you.

Healing with Spirit Guides

Most of my Spirit Guides call themselves “Azez”.

The Azez are a group of souls that are not incarnated into physical bodies. These souls are Spirit Guides as well as angelic Healing Beings. They can see all of your dimensions (e.g. your soul, your body, your emotions, etc.). They can help you understand who you are and why you are here. And they can send you healing vibes.

The Azez and I can help you to gently and safely release disturbances and blocks on an energetic level that create imbalances in your system.

These imbalances usually show up as disease (e.g. chronic illness) or as annoying, painful patterns that repeat themselves in your relationships or in your career/business (e.g. difficulties with finding love, struggles to fully express your gifts and talents).

I also want to mention that the Azez hold a form of energy called “Azeztulite” which is highly protective and helps you to experience universal love and to receive guidance. This energy can be shifted into a Quartz (if needed) and this Quartz can then also be called “Azeztulite”. And even though there exists such a funny thing as a trademarked Quartz called “Azeztulite” (which is basically just a Quartz that’s been blessed by the Azez and quite expensive), you can actually really let the Azez bless any affordable Quartz for you and you will sense the effect of Azeztulite.

Develop new ways of working with and within the Aquarian dynamic

My Healing Sessions are designed in a way that helps me to include the new Aquarian health and healing dynamics into my health care practice.

At the moment we are all involved in the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian era. Which means that we have to develop new ways of working with and within the Aquarian dynamic. Everything is moving through this transition, including our physical body.

“We have to prepare our psyches to excel in the new environments and coming decades. We will need intuition, stamina, both physical and mental, self-awareness, and a new depth of spiritual experience that can hold our identity in the face of global changes, relentless competition, information overload, and ecological and environmental challenges.” (source: Spirit Voyage)

Your new insights become your strengths

We often want to create change as quickly as possible.

However, your healing process will be much easier for you, and much more effective, if you allow it to naturally work through you.

Your body, mind and soul are not designed to cope with fast change or quantum leaps.

That’s because your consciousness first wants to understand what your body or the issues in your relationships or in your career are trying to tell you. In a second step, your body needs time to integrate, ground and embody these new insights. That’s because when you learn new things and you evolve, all parts of yourself (including the consciousness of your body) have to be able to catch up with this new awareness. And as soon as you do, your new insights become your strengths.

Anything that has formed a chronic pattern in your life will need more time to heal than an acute issue. Meaning: chronic illness will take longer and need more healing cycles than acute illnesses. Same with relationship issues or career issues: patterns that you have experienced over a longer period of time will need more time to heal than something that has only happened once.

How I work with you

First, I will help you to craft a powerful intention around improving your physical health, or around finding love or around fully expressing your gifts and talents in your career/business.

Based on the intentions you set, I will plan each step of your process as guided by a team of Spirit Guides who are specialists for your specific health challenges and your personal growth.

The basis for our work together will be my E-Book “Develop your spiritual self-care rituals” which helps you to learn how to manifest your intentions by using mantras, mudras, and some energy work resources as your main tools.​

You will be able to:

​✶ ​create the energetic foundation for physical, emotional and energetic well-being
✶ learn how to relate to your body, your soul and yourself in a new and empowered way
✶ gain clarity around what kind of action you really need to take, and find out which elements of your life can just stay the way they are, because they are already perfect.

We begin with a 30-minute Discovery Session (€75). This Session can take up to an hour depending on the questions you and I have for each other.

Based on the estimated duration of your healing process, you can then book Healing Sessions as needed. Or you can book Sessions at a reduced fee as part of my subscription-based, customised healing programs and purchase one program after the other:

Activate And Deepen Your Healing Process (PDF file)
Balance And Stabilise Your Healing Process (PDF file)
Maintain Your Self-Care (PDF file)
Embody Your Magic (PDF file)

Even if we decide to not continue working with each other after your Discovery Session, you will still leave this Session with clarity about your next steps. This has never been a disappointing Session for anyone so far (I have been a Spiritual Healer for 17 years).

Payments can be made easily and safely via PayPal. Sessions are held via video chat (Zoom) or over the phone.

(Note: while there is a lot for you to read here before we can consider working with each other (and thank you for reading so far), the additional time and energy you will need in addition to having Sessions with me can be adapted to your needs).

If you are unsure if a Discovery Session with me is right for you, ​I invite you to take some time and familiarise yourself with my healing work, first. There are a lot of free resources on m​y website. This ​should help you decide whether or not to make this purchase.​ ​Browse, and get a good feel for what a Session with me could be like. And then trust your gut feeling.

​And if you have a specific question, please contact me.
I am happy to help.

Book A Discovery Session Now

My Spirit Guides and I will help you to figure out:

where and why you are struggling with your specific situation and challenges 

what you need to do in order to release your energetic blocks

and how you can create an abundant life that's deeply rooted in spirituality.

Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.