We do not have to be in the same room for me to apply my healing work, but it is important that you and I can communicate during a Healing Session, via Zoom.

The additional benefits of working via Zoom are: you can enjoy our Session on your favorite sofa, in your home or in your office. You have great flexibility time-wise. You can easily relax and focus on the situation you are dealing with and integrate my healing work comfortably.

​We begin with a ​Sample Session (30 minutes @ €45).

My services for you

Healing Session
​60 minutes
€110 if you book one Session per month as part of my healing program

​”Embody Your Magic” Healing Session
​​60 minutes
€150 if you book one Session per month as part of my healing program

✶ these Sessions can sometimes take up to 90 minutes (at no extra cost)
✶ unlimited email support as related to what we did in the Sessions included

Healing Program

Both type of Sessions are available at a reduced fee if you join my customised healing program “Love+Live Your True Nature” which I have been joyfully offering since 2017 and still do. It consists of four healing experiences which build upon each other over the course of a year. You can stop or pause anytime.

This is my most popular service to date because I have designed it based on my experiences of working with clients from 2003-2017 to help you create the most sustainable change.

Additional resources for you as part of my healing program:

✶ 4 free “Fire Poojas+Mini Healing Vibes” per month included, meaning: I perform a fire pooja and make offerings to Lakshmi, Ganesha and other Devic beings on your behalf, and I send you healing vibes
✶ customized practises, energy readings, meditations, healing practices and rituals which are available to you for free as videos, MP3-s or PDF files
✶ my free E-Book which provides you with practices that can help you to succeed in manifesting your intentions by using mantras, mudras, and some energy work resources as your main tools (12 mantras, 14+ healing meditations, 9 mudras, wealth creating rituals, ancestral healing)

My healing work is for you if you are interested in cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself and with others which is invested in growth, steady, respectful, kind, consistent, safe and where vulnerabilities are protected. That’s what I bring to the table, too.

I look forward to supporting your healing and your transformation!

Sample Session

30 minutes @ €45

​​You’ll receive a sample of what it’s like to be in a Session with me, and I'll answer your questions about working together.

INCLUDED: a reading about your main 3-4 chakras and about what this unique expression of your soul means for you professionally, health-wise and in relationships.

This Session can sometimes take up to 45 min.

Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.