There is a lot for you to read here, but I want you to get a good idea about what you can expect from working with me so we don’t waste any time with me giving you this kind of information in a Session. And I hope all of this information helps you to find out if we could be a good fit.

This is how you can begin working with me

We begin with a 30 minute Discovery Session. This Session can take up to an hour depending on the questions you and I have for each other.

Once you have booked your Discovery Session, I have to channel much more information for you than for any of the other Sessions we might have and I have to be mindful with using my energies. This is why I can take in new clients only during the last week of each month. Make sure you reach out to me early enough. I can make an exception and take you in as quickly as possible if you are in a state of emergency, though, usually within 1-5 days. But please always call a doctor first.

Even if we decide to not continue working with each other after your Discovery Session, you will still leave this Session with clarity about your next steps.

If you are unsure if a Discovery Session with me is right for you, I invite you to take some time and familiarise yourself with my healing work, first. You can find many healing meditations on my blog which are like mini versions of a Session with me. This should help you decide whether or not to make this purchase. Browse, and get a good feel for what a Session with me could be like. And then trust your gut feeling.

And yes: please ask me any questions you have prior to scheduling this Session. I always love hearing from you! You can contact me here.

After your Discovery Session you can book single Healing Sessions or my healing program, as needed.

30 minute Discovery Session (75€): my Spirit Guides and I will help you to figure out where and why you are struggling with your specific situation and challenges, what you need to do in order to release your energetic blocks and how you can create a healthy, abundant life that's deeply rooted in spirituality.

​✶ 60 minute Healing Session (150€): my Spirit Guides and I will help you to invite healing into your life – on all levels, in all dimensions and in all directions of time. Included: energetically clearing your home or work space.

​✶ 60 minute "Embody Your Magic" Healing Session (250€): my Spirit Guides and I will support you in deepening your access to your magic which is centered in love, relatedness, intuitive knowing and radiance. You will be able to create a higher level of success and expansion in your business. So these Sessions are kind of like business coaching sessions – with a spiritual/magical/mystical approach.

The fee for your Discovery Session is a deposit for your first purchase (e.g. my healing program) and non-refundable. It ensures that you and I are both committed to respecting our time and to meeting each other.

Sessions are held via video chat (Zoom) or over the phone. Payments can be made easily and safely via PayPal.

You can book Sessions at a reduced fee as part of my subscription-based, customised healing program which I have been joyfully offering since 2017, and still do. It consists of three healing experiences that you can go through, one after the other. Based on the intention you set, I will plan each step of your healing process as guided by a team of Spirit Guides who are specialists for your specific health challenges and your personal growth. 

I look forward to supporting your healing and your transformation!

​Discovery Session

​I can take in new clients only during the last week of each month. Make sure you reach out to me early enough.