Healing With Spirit Guides For Sensitive Souls

I ​support sensitive souls to be fully expressed – especially if you ​want to shape your life according to your own wishes, aligned with your own talents and despite the history and ideas of your ancestors and your parents.

And I work openly with Spirit Guides. ​​

My Spirit Guides and I are here to support you with what really matters to you​: to be healthy and well, to cultivate self-love and to ​be successful with your ​career.

Healing Sessions are available worldwide, via Zoom. We'll pick you up from where you are currently standing in your process of healing and transformation.​

I invite you to explore my website and to ask me any questions you have. My first language is German, so feel free to write to me in German if this is your first language, too.

​Contact me for a Sample Session or say hello here:

Why the Support of Spirit Guides is so helpful

Discover how the guidance of Spirit Guides can change how you approach challenging situations in your life. This video explains the benefits of working with Spirit Guides and how they can support your healing process.

Embracing healing and self-discovery

Your relationship with yourself (body, mind and soul), with others and with the world is the area of your life that needs the most healing and tending to because the Feminine – and its related sensitivity – has been suppressed over the past millennia and our everyday experience of what it means to be feminine is based on whiteness, cis-gender and impossible images of beauty.

As a result, we basically live inside a global culture of trauma and narcissism which makes it very challenging for us to feel appreciated, enough and fulfilled as who we truly are.

My healing work has to do with everything that I just described – with helping you to heal and celebrate this area of your life. To love your true nature and purpose back into your life. To align with love and truth.

Additionally, I integrate insights from the fields of Yoga, Transformative Coaching, Mindfulness-Based Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience and Evolutionary Spirituality.

I am a spiritual guide who provides you with the energetic and spiritual aspects of a healing process which can help you create your entire life and career with the support of Spirit Guides.

Supporting your physical health and well-being

My offerings are designed to support your physical health and well-being and are ideal for sensitive souls who feel called to be modern wayfinders, shamans, or priests/priestesses. You might be an artist, social worker, project manager, teacher, writer, journalist, musician, consultant, psychotherapist, healer, or coach.

As of 2024, my services are tailored to support soulful small business owners and individuals in leadership roles who are seeking to integrate guidance from Spirit Guides into their professional journey and life.

However, I welcome anyone who resonates with the values of cultivating a healthy life and career, fostering harmonious relationships, and investing in personal growth.

My healing work is for you if you are interested in cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself and others, grounded in growth, respect, kindness, consistency, safety, and protection of vulnerabilities. That’s what I bring to the table, too.

Reach out and connect

If what I share here on my website resonates with you and you have questions bubbling up within you prior to booking a Sample Session, please don’t hesitate to reach out. It is really important to me that you feel comfortable and clear about taking this next step in your process of healing and transformation.

I will also ask you questions, and this exchange will take place over the course of up to 7 days. This is not a sales process; my goal is to ensure mutual clarity and comfort. During this period, I will provide you with feedback and energetic information to help you get a feel for my approach and presence.

Our initial focus will be on your physical health, as addressing this can create a strong foundation for overall healing and transformation. When you feel ready, I will give you the link to my online calendar to schedule a Sample Session. You can decide when you are ready to schedule or not schedule the Sample Session within those 7 days.

You can contact me here.
And you can find ​more info about me here.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Jouleeyah ◉

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Spiritual Healer + Musician + Artist | Healing With Spirit Guides For Sensitive Souls | Since 2003 |



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Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.

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