Healing With Spirit Guides

Create a higher level of health, self-love and success in your life

When I allow Life to look at you through my eyes I can see your inner and outer beauty​, your heart, your soul, your uniqueness​, your worthiness, your purpose and your joy of life.

You are amazing – we all are!

​​My Spirit Guides and I are here to support you with achieving what really matters to you​: to be healthy and well, to cultivate self-love and to ​be successful with your ​career.

Healing Sessions are ​available worldwide, via Zoom.

Hi there,

My name is Jouleeyah and I am a Spiritual Healer, Musician and Artist living in South Germany surrounded by beautiful nature, a lake, a river, mountains and two other countries – Switzerland and Austria.

Musically, I feel at home with Jazz, Pop and Funk. I write my own songs and record them in my home studio. This is also where I paint and make drawings.

My healing work holistically supports all of the more conventional healing modalities that you may already be using, e.g. western medicine, physiotherapy, naturopathy, herbs, teas, balms, flower essences, surgery, psychotherapy, stress reduction practices.

And I work openly with Spirit Guides.

About Spirit Guides

My specialties

You probably feel drawn to my healing work because you want to uncover the truth that lies underneath the pain you experience.

This pain most likely shows up in your life as:
✶ chronic or occasional illness
✶ inexplicable body symptoms or sensations
✶ annoying patterns that keep repeating themselves in your relationship field or in your career (e.g. disrespect, bad luck with love, almost burning out and feeling stuck)

Or all three.

And you are unclear which direction in your life could be the right path for you.

From my experience of 19 years as a Spiritual Healer (since 2003), I have found that the way out of any challenging situation – for both myself and for others – is to create the changes that you desire from a place of clarity, peace and self-love. Which is what I can help you with.

I truly believe that there is no right or wrong healing method for you (though you might have some preferences) but that there is a right healer for everyone. And I hope that what I share here on my website helps you to find out if we could be a good fit.

✶ Jouleeyah ✶
Spiritual Healer + Musician + Artist | Healing With Spirit Guides | Create a higher level of health, self-love and success in your life |

​Sample Session

​​​​​​​​​My Spirit Guides and I will help you figure out: where and why you are struggling with your specific situation and challenges, what you need to do in order to release your energetic blocks and how you can create a higher level of health, self-love and success in your life. 

Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.