Jouleeyah's art

You are LOVE

​​Sometimes when I am doing healing work for a client, I draw something for them after the Session as a way to provide extra support for them. And I turn these little drawings into postcards because I think they might be inspiring or uplifting for ​others, too. ​

Here is one of them:

​You can download and print this postcard, if you like:

You are Love (PDF file)

Enjoy :-)


Hi there lovely, I'm Jouleeyah. Before I was a Spiritual Healer, I was a singer/songwriter and a vocal coach – doing healing work only part-time. But at the age of 35, I felt called to play with Spirit more intensely and to turn my music-making into a professional hobby, instead. And now my life is about helping you to infuse every area of your life with health, self-love and success. I live in the very south of Germany in a city called Konstanz which is surrounded by beautiful nature, a lake, a river, mountains and two other countries – Switzerland and Austria. My Blog is a playground and journal for my creative expression – music, art and healing work.