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Wishing you a lovely winter break

​I just noticed that I haven't shared anything here for a few months. And I can only say that – especially due to the pandemic – ​it was challenging for me to find the right balance between working and being visible on the internet. ​

My needs constantly changed and I had to take extra care of my clients and also of myself. Which I loved, but ​taking care needed most of my energy.

But I was very active via my Newsletter, so maybe now is the right time for you to sign up for it as this is the easiest way to stay in touch with me? (you can sign up below)

Any way... here I am with a photo of my joyful christmas decoration and wishing you a lovely​ winter break! 

I will be back in office ​on January 3, 2022. And I carved out some time to do proper visioning on how I want to be of service to your healing and your transformation here on my Blog next year. This will be fun!

Take care, lovely, and see you again soon!

Enjoy :-)

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Hi there lovely, I'm Jouleeyah. Before I was a Spiritual Healer, I was a singer/songwriter and a vocal coach – doing healing work only part-time. But at the age of 35, I felt called to play with Spirit more intensely and to turn my music-making into a professional hobby, instead. And now my life is about helping you to infuse every area of your life with health, self-love and success. I live in the very south of Germany in a city called Konstanz which is surrounded by beautiful nature, a lake, a river, mountains and two other countries – Switzerland and Austria. My Blog is a playground and journal for my creative expression – music, art and healing work.