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What do you do when you feel stuck?

​Most people have quite a good idea about what to do to reach their goals, yet no tools that help them when they feel stuck – which is what can happen when you want to reach a goal. This is why I mention it so much here on my website and in my healing work that what was helpful for me was to build a different relationship with pain, first.

This is what always got me out of every challenging situation in my life. And I am not saying that building a different relationship with pain is what you absolutely should be doing as a way to reach your goals. What I share is just my story and if my story or certain elements of my story resonate with you, then that’s fine, and if not, then that’s fine, too because this only means that I am not the right healer for you. And there is a right healer for everyone.

When you build a new relationship with your pain, first, your soul's true essence and ​mastery will come to the surface. To give you an example: whenever I found myself in a challenging situation even as a child, like for example when my parents were telling me that I was a bad or a crazy person, I silently kept telling myself on the inside “I like myself, I like myself, I like myself” until I felt better again.

There was no way that my parents could make me believe that there is anything about me that is not loveable and there was no way that they could make me treat myself with anything less than deep kindness.

And this – being kind, tender, sweet, gentle with myself and with others - is my soul’s mastery. It is what keeps me sane and safe even when facing the most painful situations. And from this mastery any pain – my pain, the pain of my clients, the pain of my loved ones – will tell me how the pain can be healed.

I have to admit that I wasn’t good at facing my pain with my mastery in every challenging situation in my life. At least not right from the beginning. But it was always good to remember at one point that my mastery is what is helping me.

Of course feeling better after telling myself as a child that I like myself wasn’t enough. I also had to learn how to connect with my Spirit Guides again as a way to ​create ​a new and improved situation for myself. But I don’t think that I would have been able to easily access help and support if I would have believed my parents that I was really a bad or a crazy person. It was easier to find solutions from a place of liking myself while listening to my pain and wanting the best outcome for myself.

​And the solutions that I created with the help of Spirit Guides were hardly ever what I would have imagined was the way out for me. And I kind of think that this is true for any of our current challenging situations both collectively and personally: we should better stop assuming that we know the way out, and instead listen to what the pain and our Spirit Guides tell us is the way out.

But please – as I mentioned before – I invite you to test this for yourself. When you think of a challenging situation in your life which you have been able to transform into a better situation… how did you treat yourself (this is probably your soul’s mastery) and how did you get access to solutions? Did you get help and support from others and/or from Spirit/Nature/the universe or whatever you want to call that? And can you apply this approach to any of your current challenging situations?

If what I share resonates with you, and you would like to receive healing and guidance from my Spirit Guides and me and heal your physical health issues or cultivate a higher level of self-love or feel fully expressed in your career or in your business, you can contact me herefor a 90-minute Sample Session.

I hope this was helpful for you.
Please know that you are always loved and supported.

P.S.: If you struggle really badly financially, I cannot really help you because your issues are not my field of expertise. I do have some free resources for you available here though (read the description underneath the video).

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Hi there lovely, I'm Jouleeyah. Before I was a Spiritual Healer, I was a singer/songwriter and a vocal coach – doing healing work only part-time. But at the age of 35, I felt called to play with Spirit more intensely and to turn my music-making into a professional hobby, instead. And now my life is about helping you to infuse every area of your life with health, self-love and success. I live in the very south of Germany in a city called Konstanz which is surrounded by beautiful nature, a lake, a river, mountains and two other countries – Switzerland and Austria. My Blog is a playground and journal for my creative expression – music, art and healing work.