Hi there lovely,

I am so happy that you want to check out this little space here in the wondrous world of the internet :-)

​Here are two videos for you:

✶ Video 1: “Come back to your heart and nature” – 432Hz healing music to help you get in touch with transformational energy. And I sing using light language. Light Language is a form of sound healing that picks up information from the other realms. 

✶  Video 2: my mini 7-minute Free Online Class “Embrace Your Uniqueness – A Guided Healing Meditation” which helps you to take the first steps to creating some change.

​Enjoy :-)


Come back to your heart and nature

Embrace Your Uniqueness


Reflective questions

1. What is it that makes you unique?
2. What comes up for you when you stay in touch with your uniqueness and sense into the kind of future you would like to experience?
3. What choices do you need to make if you commit to creating this kind of future for yourself?
4. What action steps could you take today that will make you feel like you are moving one step closer to this new future?
5. What will you do when you experience a setback or when you feel like giving up? What can you do to stay on track?

Write down your insights – that's more effective than if you just think about them.
And commit to taking action.

One additional action step you can take right away

Make a commitment to ​embrace and appreciate your uniqueness ​by doing my Healing Meditation every day for 40 days. And ​keep asking yourself what action you could take, what choices you could make​.

20 seconds of ​embracing and appreciating your uniqueness every day are enough to create a new energetic grid that supports your uniqueness. ​Two minutes every day are enough to create the next energetic layer ​to shift your situation. ​Taking action steps consistently is enough to create change. After 40 days you have fully integrated the new grids and ​shifts into your energy fields.

Be okay with the fact that fears, doubts, and frustrations might come up during those 40 days – especially as soon as you want to take action based on your insights. They always do, this is part of us being human. ​

The key to succeeding is to build a new relationship with your ​feelings (all of them, including your fears) and with your soul's expression. The more you receive and express authentically who you really are, the more you experience ​the kind of life/future you ​desire to have.

That is because the more you embrace and appreciate your uniqueness, the more other people and life have the opportunity to catch up with you and to embrace and appreciate you and your uniqueness, too.