432Hz healing music to help you get in touch with transformational energy. Not much to see, yet, but… I will update and fill this beautiful player with 1-3 of my new songs every month – starting in January 2019 :-)

Please listen with your headphones on or with proper speakers.


All songs written by: Jouleeyah
Lead & Backing Vocals: Jouleeyah
Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Fretless Ukulele Bass, Fretless Electric Bass, Keyboards: Jouleeyah
Cajon & Percussion (real and digital): Jouleeyah
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Jouleeyah
Artwork by: Jouleeyah
License for my healing music and art: CC-BY-ND/3.0

All of my healing music can be just listened to as is and it will send you healing vibes in a very general way – just for the mere fact that my instruments are tuned to 432HZ. You can listen to my healing music while being creative, while cleaning the house or while taking a walk. Or you can go deeper and meditate.

A 432HZ tuning corresponds with the movement, rhythm and natural vibration of the universe making it easy for you to relax, to meditate and to find inspiration.

The universe is all about LOVE and ONENESS. While listening to my healing music you deeply connect with your heart chakra. This helps you to find support for your connection between the Earth and the Sky, your lower chakras and your upper chakras, your physical dimension and your Divinity, your material world and your spirituality.

Receiving this kind of support creates safety, flow and ease.

Each song focuses on supporting your healing and transformation through the lyrics that I wrote or the (Kundalini Yoga) mantras that I sing. And in addition to the heart chakra they also support certain chakras through the keys and the rhythm they were written in.

If you want to benefit from one of my songs in a more profound way, I invite you to download it as an album. I have made an album of each song with two versions of the song – one with vocals, one instrumental.

As part of your album purchase you will receive a PDF file with the lyrics or the mantras of the song, the chakras being supported in addition to the heart chakra, the meaning of these chakras and instructions for a 40-day-meditation.

You can move each song to any computer or device and listen to it via iTunes or any other audio player.