Healing Meditations

Embrace Your Uniqueness

My healing meditation (see video below) helps you to increase your appreciation for how unique you are.

The more you embrace your uniqueness, the more other people and life have the opportunity to catch up with you and to embrace you and your uniqueness, too.


Healing Music

Create spiritual and financial abundance

The mantra “Shreem Brzee” (see video below) helps you to create spiritual and financial abundance.

“Brzee” is a mantra developed by Dr. Pillai to help people create prosperity. “Shreem” is a seed sound for Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth archetype.

If the mantra resonates with you, then sing it every day. And listen for guidance, including self-care.

Monthly Free Spiritual Self-Care Kits

Each Kit includes an audio file with a meditation, energy work and a deep relaxation that is accompanied by 432Hz healing music.

All my Kits are both timely and timeless.

Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.