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You can always trust your gut feeling, I think, but if you really struggle to pick one of the free resources here, this is what I recommend:

Grounding (audio) - this is a good meditation if you sense that there is a lot going on in your head and emotionally, and you want to feel more grounded in your body.

Receiving love (audio) - this is a good meditation if you want to sense the presence of your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, Healing Beings etc. These are all forms of consciousness which have energetic information for you.

Additionally you can also book ​my free version of Tarpanam (ancestral healing) on my​ Booking page​.

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​About ​your nervous system and ​your brain

I have learned how to connect with the consciousness of my nervous system so that I can more easily become aware of what is actually subconsciously or unconsciously going on and blocking my manifestation process or the kind of change that I would like to have. And in my Healing Sessions, I will teach you how to easily access this consciousness, too.​
PDF file

About trauma and narcissism

I think it is important to know that anything that you have experienced as a physical, emotional or mental distress that has made you feel very hopeless, powerless and anxious can be considered to be a traumatic experience. ​And that this can be dealt with.
PDF file

​​Why daily spiritual practice is important

I think we often underestimate how much repetition we need in order to release any of our conditioning that doesn't serve our highest good. And I think we often overestimate how much time is needed to begin with a simple daily spiritual practice to liberate ourselves from ​our limitations, meaning: you can begin by taking really small steps that already have a positive effect on your well-being. I hope my PDF file below makes it easier for you to understand why spiritual practice is important and to start practising right away.
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Develop your spiritual self-care rituals (free E-Book)

​My free E-Book consists of tools that really help me face my personal and our collective challenges with as much ease as possible. And it is designed in a way to provide you with this kind of support, too. Your daily spiritual self-care rituals ideally include exercise, meditation and prayer (or to use less religious words for “prayer”: making requests as related to what you want to experience or create in your life). Yogis call such spiritual practice “Sadhana”. I go through my own E-Book regularly by setting a slightly unrealistic intention and singing a mantra every day that fits this intention, and for 120 days minimum. T​his approach has helped me create a beautiful foundation for deepening my relationship with my intuition and with my spirituality. And I am happy to share these tools with you.
E-Book (PDF file)
9 mudras to strengthen your nervous system (PDF file)

Note: This E-Book used to be available on my Bandcamp page. So whenever I mention a folder in the E-Book, you can now instead find these resources on either my Resources page or on my Music+Art page (if you struggle to find them, just ask me).

An (audio)book I highly recommend

​The book "Calling in the One" by Katherine Woodward Thomas completely changed how I relate to myself and to others and helped me attract really harmonious relationships. If you have called in a beloved partner into your life with my support, this book has been more or less directly the foundation for our work together. And – since all shifts begin on the inside – I actually often repeat the practices from the book each time I want to call in friends or other people, meaning: these tools work for all relationships, not just for love related ones. Katherine's teachings have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the globe find true and lasting love.
​Check out Katherine's ​beautiful YouTube channel. ​
​My 20-ish tips for a healthy intimate relationship (PDF file)

​Light and sound rituals

​I have learned that when you connect with the consciousness of a Divine Being by making offerings and singing mantras, you can intensify your manifestation process and deepen your connection to your own inner guru/your own inner teacher. And that as you do, your manifestation process has your Ego as little involved as possible which should ideally always be what you are aiming for. ​The following ritual is a mini portion of what you can experience when you book a ​Full Moon Pooja with me as a way to increase your wealth or for harmonious relationships, for removing inner and outer obstacles and for easier access to your wisdom.
​You can do this ritual all by yourself:
Venus Ritual

Sample Session

30 minutes @ €65

​​You’ll receive a sample of what it’s like to be in a Session with me, and I'll answer your questions about working together.

INCLUDED: a reading about your main 3-4 chakras and about what this unique expression of your soul means for you professionally, health-wise and in relationships.

This Session can sometimes take up to 45 min.

Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.