The meditation in the video above helps you to embrace your uniqueness and it is part of my “Free Downloads” offerings (see below).

The more you embrace your uniqueness, the more you invite others to embrace your and their own uniqueness, too. This meditation includes Light Language Singing. Light Language is a form of sound healing that picks up information from the other realms.

In my Healing Sessions I use ancient yogic tools – mudras, mantras, meditations – besides mostly doing energy work with the help of Spirit Guides as a way to help you create a new, improved situation for yourself.

Mantras and mudras have been used for thousands of years to deepen your relationship with your spirituality, to heal and to meditate.

The basis of my energy work is oriented towards the ways in which nature functions, in my experience: each effect is preceded by a cause, everything has to do with polarity, your energy follows what you are focusing on and everything is interconnected, vibrates and influences each other. The intention for my energy work is to guide your whole being back to your true nature and to your original purpose here on this planet.

Free Downloads

✶ 14 powerful healing meditations ​specificially designed for sensitive souls
​✶ tools for getting the most out of singing a mantra
​✶ tools for manifesting and for taking good care of yourself spiritually
✶ 12 really effective mantras including the wealth and spirituality activating mantra "Shreem Brzee"
✶ 9 powerful mudras to ​help you ​regulate your nervous system
​✶ my very-easy-to-do version of Tarpanam/Ancestral Healing Ritual
✶ info about Devas, Pan and Spirit Guides​
✶ my Venus Ritual and a Mini Water Ritual to help you create abundance (abundance can include harmonious relationships, this is not just about money)


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Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.