Things you should know about healing


If a mantra resonates with you, then sing it every day. And listen for guidance (including self-care). Let the transformation introduce itself to you.

SHREEM BRZEE is a mantra that helps you to create spiritual and financial abundance.

“Brzee” is a secret mantra given to Dr. Pillai by Vishwamitra to help people create prosperity. “Shreem” is a seed sound for Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth archetype.

AIM is a mantra that attracts men. And it also bridges the gap between what you really want and your life. It will bring it into existence.

KLEEM is a mantra that attracts women. And since in the yogic world a woman also stands for matter/material world, you can also attract wealth by singing this mantra.

If you want to attract friends, or someone who doesn’t identify as man/woman or someone who identifies with any other beautiful variation of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, I invite you to sing both mantras.


My meditation “Embrace Your Uniqueness” (see video below) helps you to increase your appreciation for how unique you are and to begin creating some change. The more you embrace your uniqueness, the more other people and life have the opportunity to catch up with you and to embrace you and your uniqueness, too.


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“Balsamic Moon Meditation+Energy Work” Free Online Classes

I was born under a Balsamic Moon which is the 3 1/2 days period before a New Moon.

“Balsamic” comes from the word balsam which means something soothing or restorative. It’s the name for the restful time of the lunar cycle. The waning Moon grows smaller, then turns into a sliver, and then there is darkness.

This time is perfect for letting go of the known and inviting in the new.

And this is what my Online Classes are all about: each month I tune into the old energies that need to be released. And I help you invite new energies that serve your highest good. Each Class includes a meditation, energy work and a deep relaxation that is accompanied by 432Hz healing music.

I send out a download link with a recording of each Online Class every month before the New Moon via my Newsletter (in German and English).

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Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.