Online Classes

At the moment, we are all involved in the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian era. Which means that we all are becoming much more conscious than ever before, and you are awakening to your true soul purpose.

Everything is moving through this transition, including your physical body.

And, unfortunately, at each stage of your personal transition into the Aquarian way of life, your call to awaken can show up as an emotional, physical or energetic crisis because there is so much personal and collective trauma involved that needs to be healed.

These crises are either asking you to go deep within or to do the opposite, and to take a lot of action. And oftentimes, it is difficult to find out what is truly required at this point in your life. But being supported by Spirit Guides can make your transition easier to process and help you to face your challenges from a place of clarity and love.

This is why each month I offer my “RELAX into the expansion” Online Class which helps you to deal with the challenges of expansion and change during the Aquarian era in a more relaxed way (you can try this Class for FREE).

Each class is a combination of Spiritual Healing and Energy work. And I work openly with my Spirit Guides, the “Azez”.

The classes are held via Zoom Video Conference Call (you can stay anonymous, though). All you need is your internet connection. This is as easy as watching a YouTube video! And if you cannot attend live, you can watch and download the archived video and/or audio.

You can find all info about my Online Class and how to participate below.

In this class, I hold space for you so you can deal with the challenges of expansion and change during the Aquarian era in a more relaxed way.

This class calms your nervous system, grounds your body and focuses you on your third eye so that you can stay in touch with your inner guidance more easily.

You can listen to the recording of this class before you go to sleep, before doing difficult tasks or when you need a break from what’s going on in the world around you.

The content of each class is custom-made for the particular time period from one class to the next to support your expansion. You can join anytime.

This class takes 20 Minutes
Next date: Monday, March 26, 6AM CET
That’s 9PM on Sunday in L.A., USA and 4PM on Monday in Melbourne, AUS.
€ 8
The class is limited to 6 participants to ensure maximum care and support.

After you registered for this Online Class, you will receive an Email from me with all the info you need to book this Class. As part of your booking you will also receive immediate free access to my resources page and to the archived video of the Class I held in January 2018.

Try this class for FREE and send me an Email to register:

Registration for this class ends on Saturday, March 24, 4.00PM: