My music is available for purchase on my Bandcamp page. Through Bandcamp you support me directly thanks to their fair trade music policy. And you can also choose to stream my music and meditations via the free Bandcamp app: iOS | Android

The download format can be easily played in Apple Music, Windows Media Player or on your smartphone etc.. Each audio file includes cover art, artist name and track name.

You can find all of my music here.
My music is licensed: CC-BY-ND/3.0

Most of my music is tuned to 432HZ. A 432HZ tuning corresponds with the movement, rhythm and natural vibration of the universe making it easy for you to relax, to meditate and to find inspiration.

​If you benefit from my music, consider staying in balance with what is spiritually supporting you and download it.

Some of my (mantra+healing) music:

Some of my own songs:

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I consider everything that I do art – including all aspects of my healing work. However, here is where you can find an excerpt of my drawings, paintings and (polaroid) photos. You have access to all of my art as free wallpapers when you sign up for my newsletter below.

My art is licensed: CC-BY-ND/3.0


Polaroid photos:



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