Singing and making music is how I express my emotional creativity. I play various instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion), and I have been writing my own songs since I was a teen. My main influences are Jazz, Pop and Funk.

The download format is MP3 which can be easily played in Apple Music, Windows Media Player or on your smartphone etc.. Each audio file includes cover art, artist name and track name.

You can find all of my music here for free download.
My music is licensed: CC-BY-ND/3.0

And here is some of my music:

Recording Studio

If you want to have me sing or play guitar, bass or keyboards on your album, that’s €75 per instrument/vocals and song.

Send me a link to your music first for project approval (to Once that’s done, you’ll receive a PayPal link from me and then a track with my vocals or my instrument after which you can have 3 more adjustments.

I use: GarageBand, Apogee Duet, Rode NT1-A Microphone, iRig Acoustic Stage mobile microphone/interface, Spitfire LABS plugin for piano and keyboard sounds, a fretless Fender Squier Bass, a fretless Kala Ukulele Bass, a Fender acoustic guitar and a Hohner acoustic guitar (both nylon).

If you want me to write a song for you/with you (melodies, chords and/or lyrics): I don’t do that. I’m happy to add my vocals or instruments to your finished song, though – including backing vocals that you haven’t fully figured out, yet.

If you want a royalty-free license for commercial use of one of my already-existing songs: I don’t offer licenses for my songs for commercial use.

All of my songs are available for free for non-commercial use (e.g. in a private family video/for a private school project) if you give proper credit. This doesn’t mean that you can add my song to a private family video which you upload to YouTube for public viewing, in this case please ask for my permission first.

You can contact me via email ( or via the contact form below if you’d like to collaborate with me.


I consider everything that I do art – including all aspects of my healing work. However, here is where you can find an excerpt of my drawings, paintings and (polaroid) photos. You can contact me via email ( or via the contact form below if you’d like to take a look at all of my art and buy an art print. And I will send you a PDF file of my available art prints plus a few free art prints that you can print out yourself to see if you would like them.

I don’t do commission work.

My art is licensed: CC-BY-ND/3.0


Polaroid photos:


My drawings are very small which is why I make only small art prints for all of my art – including paintings, photos, polaroids:

14,8 X 21cm (Din A5)
on matte paper
1 print, 25€


14,8 X 10,5cm (Din A6, postcard size and style)
on matte paper
1 set of 5 prints with the same design, 15€

Each print is packaged carefully in a protective mailer. I do not frame the prints, you would have to do this yourself.

I make my art prints available for purchase once or twice per month to ensure I ideally ship within 2 weeks of order. And then the transit time will vary, this is totally depending on where the art print is travelling to and therefore out of my control.

Shipping costs will be added according to weight and distance. You can also add an insurance or tracking number if this is possible in your country (I will figure this out for you). And: I am not responsible for any customs or duty fees associated with shipping to your country.

Also: in the hopefully very unlikely case that your art print didn’t arrive safely or you are struggling with any step of your order, please contact me so we can resolve this issue. And: I don’t offer refunds should you simply not like the prints once they arrived, so please make sure you get a good sense of them prior to ordering them, e.g. by printing out one of the free prints I will give you once you contact me.