Singing and making music is how I express my emotional creativity. I play various instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion), and I have been writing my own songs since I was a teen. My main influences are Jazz, Pop and Funk.

The download format is MP3 which can be easily played in Apple Music, Windows Media Player or on your smartphone etc.. Each audio file includes cover art, artist name and track name.

You can find all of my music here for download.
My music is licensed: CC-BY-ND/3.0

And here is some of my music:


I consider everything that I do art – including all aspects of my healing work. However, here is where you can find an excerpt of my drawings, paintings and (polaroid) photos. You have access to all of my art if you are my client.

My art is licensed: CC-BY-ND/3.0


Polaroid photos:


​Sample Session

​​​​​​​​​My Spirit Guides and I will help you figure out: where and why you are struggling with your specific situation and challenges, what you need to do in order to release your energetic blocks and how you can create health, self-love and success in your life.