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Make the best out of what you feel

I decided to challenge myself this month and to channel what it is that you might need to be hearing from me as a way to support your healing and your transformation. So, I just pressed “record” and started talking. ​

Here is the transcript:

Oftentimes when we find ourselves in a challenging situation where we feel some kind of pain we often blame our circumstances. And, while this is something that is clearly happening in your reality, it doesn’t really help you to stay in the here and now.

And the here and now is always the starting point to create something new even if what you are experiencing is pain. I can only invite you to see this situation as an opportunity that you can be creative with.

What I have learned from dealing with difficult situations is that my reaction to my pain is actually what I need to be working with.

So, let’s say this pain is annoying me, then I have to build a new relationship with feeling annoyed. When I feel scared in relationship to that pain, I have to build a new relationship with my fears.

Otherwise those emotions that I am resisting or that I am trying to avoid – being annoyed or being scared – get bigger and bigger. And I get more and more disconnected from what is actually really going on in my energy field.

And by energy field I always mean that there is a clear energetic source behind the pain that you are experiencing. It’s not just the situation or the circumstance that you perceive, it’s not just the pain in your body that you are sensing, or in your heart. There is this relationship that connects you to the pain. There is something between you and that pain. And if that is a feeling of being annoyed or a feeling of being scared and you keep resisting that, it will be a lot more challenging for you to dissolve what is really causing your pain.

If you are one of my subscribers to my Newsletter, I have a beautiful practice there that I offer to you via my free E-Book which is called “Things you should know about healing”. And this practice is called “Overcome Obstacles”.

With this practice you can actually learn how to move from your current challenging situation, from the here and now into what you would like to experience instead of your pain, into the solution. Step, by step, by step. Oftentimes, the dissolving of your pain has many layers which is why we can get really exhausted. But it’s worth every effort.

So, find out what kind of care and support you need. Maybe begin with my practice, maybe you need a therapist, maybe you need to be working with me and my Spirit Guides.

This is where you are at the moment. This is your here and now. And it might bring up forgotten gifts that you have. I know this sounds really strange. “How can I get from that pain to something really beautiful?”

Underneath your pain is always something very beautiful and exciting and amazing about you to uncover. This is usually about an increase of self-love, of being aligned with your heart’s desires, of being aligned with Divine Love, with compassion.

These are all very beautiful qualities that you will uncover by facing your pain differently. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be annoyed, or that you shouldn’t be scared. But it’s like: “can I meet my annoyedness, can I meet my fear with kindness, with love, with compassion, with respect? And can I transform my pain from this place rather than from resisting that I am annoyed or from avoiding that I am scared (or whatever it is that we always have as an immediate reaction to a challenging situation)?”

I hope this was helpful for you as information.
Please know that you are always loved and supported.


Hi there lovely, I'm Jouleeyah. Before I was a Spiritual Healer, I was a singer/songwriter and a vocal coach – doing healing work only part-time. But at the age of 35, I felt called to play with Spirit more intensely and to turn my music-making into a professional hobby, instead. And now my life is about helping you to infuse every area of your life with health, well-being and love, using mantras, mudras and some energy work resources as your main tools. I live in the very south of Germany in a city called Konstanz which is surrounded by beautiful nature, a lake, a river, mountains and two other countries – Switzerland and Austria. My Blog is a playground and journal for my creative expression – music, art and healing work.