Jouleeyah's songs

Light Language Toning

I filmed myself walking next to singing frogs and birds two years ago as part of a video where I was sharing a few messages from my Spirit Guides. And the response to this part of the video (of the nature sounds) was quite big – people found the sounds quite healing and soothing.
And so I felt inspired to add some of my own music and a little bit of Light Language Toning to it. Light Language is the language that is spoken in the other realms and it is fairly close to English. It allows us to pick up information from those realms and to express Light.
I have posted this video before here on my website, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it, yet. But starting this year, I feel like I want to explore the sounds of nature combined with my own sounds more. So, let’s see what emerges out of these explorations.

Enjoy :-)

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