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Let’s bring some light in here

Many years ago while I was facing being rejected and pushed away by one of my dearest friends, I explored some unexpected fears very deeply. And I found out that for some reason when spiritual teachers talked about your “shadow self” and that you have to integrate your shadow… I always assumed that this meant that there must be parts of me that maybe were behaving really badly or something along that line.

And this wasn’t true.

What I discovered were parts of me that had to deal with being rejected and pushed away many times before I lost my friend. My shadow self was the most scared and terrified part of me, not a badly behaving one.

Why am I telling you all of this?

These fears were unconscious to me because while the consequences of me being rejected and pushed away were really severe in all those situations, I couldn’t care less about the people involved. And so I just moved on.

But I cared (and still care) about my friend who I lost. So I had to look into my rejection patterns and fears much more deeply than I wanted.

And this is what I found out and I hope that it is helpful for you, too: the people who used to reject me and push me away were fighting for bad things with a huge amount of confidence. They pushed away that I am a lesbian, they pushed away that I am sensitive, that I am a woman, that I speak my truth from a loving place even if it is inconvenient for you, that I insist on solutions and not on being right, that I want to be treated equally…. etc etc etc.

And so I decided to fight for good things with the same amount of confidence as they do.

And why am I telling you all of this… ?

Because what’s going on politically worldwide are the same patterns as the ones that I was dealing with personally:

People who reject you and push you away for being different and for speaking your truth are doing so with a mind-blowing-deeply-impressive confidence. And you can either look away and not care because they are not who you like any way (until it’s someone you care about, like it was the case for me with my friend) or you can consciously find ways to become confident with what you stand for and create your small or bigger world the way you want it to be.

What I invite you to do is to find out what kind of support and care you need in order to feel confident. It’s not easy to do this alone. This could be therapy, this could be receiving healing from my Spirit Guides and me. Whatever resonates with you, will bring you the solution.

And this is one way to deal with your shadow self. And it can be done: keep insisting on the good things, on the solutions and do so with confidence.

I am not happy about what I see going on worldwide, but based on what I learned from my personal challenges I know that there are solutions to all of this. Just not quick ones :-) And this makes it a lot easier for me to face the future.

This is a very simplified version of something very complex and uncomfortable, of course. But I hope that what I shared is helpful for you and that you feel inspired by what made me write to you today which was the thought: Let’s bring some light in here.

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