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How to choose a mantra

In 2020 I decided to write an E-Book for you which provides you with tools that I find really helpful as a way to infuse every area of your life with love, health and well-being: mantras, mudras and some energy work resources.

I am using these tools for myself regularly, too, I really love them.

​For some of you, this can mean that you ​struggle with finding the right mantra for yourself. Here is a video about how to do this (and this ​info is from the E-Book):

Kundalini Yoga mantras oftentimes have to be sung within the framework of a meditation, and should only be sung for a specific duration of time (usually 3, 7, 11, 22, 31 minutes).

Here is why these time-frames are chosen:

3 minutes: affects circulation (blood) and the electromagnetic field.
11 minutes: changes the glandular system and the nerves.
22 minutes: balances and coordinates the three minds*.
31 minutes: affects all the cells and rhythms of the body and all the layers of the mind’s projection.
62 minutes: changes the grey matter of the brain. Integrates the subconscious “shadow mind” and the outer projection.
2 ½ hours: holds the new pattern in the subconscious mind by the surrounding universal mind.
(Source: Spirit Voyage)

*Note: in the Yogic tradition it is said that you have three minds: the positive mind, the negative mind, and the neutral / meditative mind.

You can find a list of all Kundalini Yoga mantras and instructions for how to sing them properly and safely here: 

Check out my E-Book where I introduce you to 18 mantras:
Develop your spiritual self-care rituals

​Enjoy :-)


Hi there lovely, I'm Jouleeyah. Before I was a Spiritual Healer, I was a singer/songwriter and a vocal coach – doing healing work only part-time. But at the age of 35, I felt called to play with Spirit more intensely and to turn my music-making into a professional hobby, instead. And now my life is about helping you to infuse every area of your life with health, well-being and love, using mantras, mudras and some energy work resources as your main tools. I live in the very south of Germany in a city called Konstanz which is surrounded by beautiful nature, a lake, a river, mountains and two other countries – Switzerland and Austria. My Blog is a playground and journal for my creative expression – music, art and healing work.