(Frequently Asked Questions)

I don’t understand how healing could work via video/audio chat or over the phone… can you explain?

Yes, I can. From how I understand my way of healing, it is your Higher Self, your Body Deva and your Spirit Guides who help you to activate and to strengthen your self-healing powers. And I communicate with these forms of consciousness which helps me to find out what blocks you from experiencing kindness, physcial well-being, love and fulfilment. And I send you energetic information that helps you to remove these blocks. And to do this, I don’t have to be in the same room with you.

I would prefer to meet you in person, though. Is that possible?

No. When I started offering Sessions about 15 years ago (in 2003), I had international clients pretty much right away (from Australia, U.S.A., France, Switzerland, England, Netherlands, Austria etc.) and this works really nicely. Not having to meet me in person saves you money and time because you don’t have to travel to Konstanz, Germany – which is where I live – and to find a parking place. Instead you can have Sessions with me on your favourite sofa.

How do I know that I am not just imagining that healing is happening?

If you are dealing with a health issue (which is the case for most people who come to me), then the best way to gain clarity around your healing process is to ask your doctor to give you a diagnosis before and after working with me. This helps you to know where you are at.

How many Sessions will I need?

It is recommendable to commit to having weekly Sessions for the first 3-6 weeks, and to then switch to bi-weekly or monthly Sessions for 3-6 months. Shifts can happen more easily this way. This is why I have packages of 3 or 6 Sessions available at a reduced fee. What tends to work best is to contact me for a Free Discovery Session so you can discuss your needs with me and plan your healing process together with me.

What are the main issues in your healing practice?

20% of my clients came to me because of inexplicable panic attacks, 60% came to me because of (chronic or occasional) illness or pain, 20% came to me because of conflicts in relationships (e.g. difficult relationship with parents, difficult relationships with colleagues/boss or being bullied at work).

What happens if I don’t like your healing work?

Before you book me, I invite you to check out my Video page (enter this password: yesplease) so that you can get a feel for who I am. From my experience, there is no right or wrong healing modality for you, there is only a right or wrong healer for you. What I mean by that is: if you like me and you trust me, then you will also like my Healing Sessions. In the very unlikely case that you totally don’t like my healing work during a Session with me, then I am sure we will be able to work out a solution. In all the years that I have been offering my healing work (since 2003), this has never happened, though.

How do I prepare for a Session?

A basic knowledge of chakras is recommendable so that you can understand me easily. Prior to booking me, you will receive access to my Resources page where I explain the chakra system. Other than that you don’t need anything special for working with me.

What do I do when I really struggle to believe in your healing work?

That’s very normal. And there is probably no easy way out. What I suggest you to do is to ask yourself how you would choose a doctor or a therapist. And to apply the same intuitive process to this situation. This usually works best for a decision-making process, I think.

What do I do when I’m interested but don’t need your healing services right now?

Great! I guess this means that you would like to stay in touch with me, should you ever need my services another time. The best way to do this is to sign up for my monthly “Heal from the unkindness in your life” Newsletter here. Thank you for your interest in my work!

I am ready to book a Session, what do I do?

Great! Please contact me here for a Free Discovery Session so we can discuss your needs and find out how I can help you.

I have a question, how can I reach you?

Just send me an Email or a text message. You can find my contact details here. It is really important for me that all your questions are answered prior to booking my Services, so, yes please reach out to me anytime. I always love hearing from you!

Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.