Get the most out of mantra-singing

Learn how to use a mantra effectively with my self-study program which is suitable both for beginners and for advanced ​mantra-singers.

​What is a mantra? ​

​​A mantra is basically a wave of sound that influences your mind. Each mantra has a specific purpose. And the good thing about a mantra is that you don’t have to believe in it in order for ​the mantra to work.

In this ​E-Book I will introduce you to ​18 mantras​.

And in addition to that, I will share some manifestation practices with you that will make your mantra-singing even more effective.

​Mantras ​have been used ​for thousands of years as a way to deepen your relationship with your spirituality.

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​The ​Content Of This E-Book

​This ​E-Book ​consists of four parts, ​including an introduction to ​18 mantras, ​9 mudras ​and a workbook ​with 20 manifestation practices to choose from. My practices will make your manifestation process ​a more conscious one and therefore easier. ​You can either ​use these practices for self-study, or ​as an addition to having Sessions with me.


​Part 1: Train yourself for an empowered state of being

​You will learn

how to support your mantra-singing by ​relasing negative ​vibrations​

​how ​to improve your manifestation process ​as you get a clear understanding​ of your positive and negative vibrations


​Part 2: ​Set an intention that's supported by vibration

You will learn

✶ how to ​receive support ​​from Devas and Spirit Guides as a way to shift your intention into form – even if you don't hear or see ​these beings

how ​to set ​an intention​ and ​​create ​your true vibration


​Part 3: Keep the momentum going

You will learn

how to ​​create your own manifestation program ​that you will practice for 40, 90, 120 or 1000 days (your choice)​

how to ​train your brain ​to create success

what to do when you​'ve missed a day in your mantra-singing practice

✶ what to do when you don't get any fast results


​Part 4: ​​Create clean and clear energy fields

You will ​learn

how to ​heal your relationship ​area and ​your finances​

how to stay grounded

how to unplug from mass consciousness

how to access your wisdom

how to ​infuse your ​five senses with the essence of a mantra

​What happens ​after you buy ​my E-Book

After you​r purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a download link that gives you immediate access to ​my E-Book. If you don't get this confirmation email or if you struggle with downloading the files, please contact me at

​You will receive ​the E-Book itself (PDF file), ​9 photos of mudras including instructions (PDF file), 3 Healing Meditations (audio files) and the links to ​18 mantras. ​All you need is your internet connection and enough disc space for downloading ​these files​ (they are available in different formats and sizes). If you don't have enough disc space on your current device, I recommend buying a ​USB stick or an MP3 player, and you ​are good to go (you can get them for about 10 bucks with ​up to 64 GB of storage, which is more than enough).

​Time ​investment:
​While you ​will need some time (i.e. about 2 hours) to familiarise yourself with the ​E-Book material, the process of your mantra-singing and your personal manifestation ​program can be adapted to your needs. Once you ​know the ​E-Book material, your ​minimum daily effort will be about 5 minutes of mantra-singing for a minimum of 40 days to ensure you get the desired results. ​Additionally, you ​can include ​any (or all) of the book's 20 practices ​into your ​40-day program, as needed.

If you don't have any money and/or job at the moment, and if you would like to change ​your situation by using mantras, please contact me ( and I will send you a link ​so you can download this E-Book for free.

​E-Book Policies

My ​E-Book is non-refundable. ​If you are unsure if ​my E-Book is the right thing for you to have, ​I invite you to take some time and familiarise yourself with my healing work, first. There are a lot of free resources on m​y websiteThis ​should help you decide whether or not to make this purchase.​ ​Browse, and get a good feel for what it is that I am doing. And then trust your gut feeling.

​And if you have a specific question, please contact me here:
I am happy to help.

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​Hi there!

​My name is Jouleeyah and I am a Spiritual Healer.

It is my ​calling to ​give you tools that help you ​to deepen your relationship with your spirituality. The more ​connected to our spirituality we are, the more health and well-being we can create in every area of our life.

My work integrates insights from the fields of Traditional Coaching, Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Evolutionary Spirituality.

I use a very modern, non-denominational mix of Spiritual Healing, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing, Akashic Records Reading and Transformative Coaching as a way to ask the Universe/the Divine/Source for a customised healing for you.

And I also work together with my Spirit Guides, mainly with the Azez.

From my experience of 17 years as a Spiritual Healer (since 2003), I have found that there is a way to create the changes that you desire from a place of clarity, love and worthiness.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to explore mantra-singing ​as a way to infuse each area of your life with your true vibration and to become more successful.

I look forward to supporting you in this way!

✶ Jouleeyah ✶
Spiritual Healer | Healing With Spirit Guides | Create an abundant life ​that's deeply rooted in spirituality.

Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.