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This E-Book consists of 5 Yoga mantras, 5 guided healing meditations​, 9 mudras, some energy work resources, the actual E-Book in the form of a PDF file, and photos of each mudra in the form of a PDF file. AND: a description of the meaning of each mantra and mudra, access to more mantras, and a program for a 40-day process to help you develop your spiritual self-care rituals/your daily sadhana.

About the E-Book

My E-Book consists of tools that really help me face my personal and our collective challenges with as much ease as possible. And it is designed in a way to provide you with this kind of support, too.

Your daily spiritual self-care rituals ideally include exercise, meditation and prayer, or to use a less religious word for “prayer”: making requests as related to what you want to experience or create in your life.

Yogis call such spiritual practice “Sadhana”.

I go through my own E-Book regularly by setting a slightly unrealistic intention and singing a mantra every day that fits this intention. This approach has helped me create a beautiful foundation for deepening my relationship with my intuition and with my spirituality.

As a business owner I need this foundation to stay more easily focused on my career without neglecting my free-time, I am a lot less stressed and I can enjoy being creative in a more consistent way.

I truly believe that maintaining a healthy and spiritual lifestyle improves all aspects of your business or career, including having harmonious relationships with others.

And since this E-Book has been beneficial for many of my employed and self-employed clients, I am happy to share these tools with you, too.

This E-Book provides you with practices that can help you to succeed in manifesting your intentions by using mantras, mudras, and some energy work resources as your main tools.

Like everything in life, this material is incomplete, of course, but I made sure I included everything that I find really helpful.

And everything I share in this E-Book is based on my own experience after having worked with clients over the past 17 years (I started working as a Healer in 2003).

​Release date ​August 29, 2020 


Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Fretless Electric Bass, Piano, ​Cajon/Percussion/Drum Computer (real and digital): Jouleeyah
​Written, recorded, mixed, mastered by: Jouleeyah
Artwork by: Jouleeyah 

The content of this E-Book is licensed: CC-BY-ND/3.0

Free ZIP File Download
(10 MP3 files, 2 PDF files, 78.3MB).
No email registration necessary – this is a safe WordPress link

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