Ethical Guidelines

​Code of Ethics for Spiritual Healers

1. Confidentiality: Keep all client information confidential.
2. Medical Diagnosis: Do not offer medical diagnoses or prognoses; this is the role of qualified medical professionals.
3. Client Autonomy: Make it clear that any advice or recommendations are for the client's consideration only, without any obligation to follow them.
4. Non-Harmful Methods: Use gentle, natural healing methods that do no harm to clients.
5. Medical Referral: Advise clients to seek medical advice if they show any serious symptoms.
6. Medical Practitioner Consultation: Encourage clients to consult with medical practitioners who meet their personal needs.
7. Professionalism: Maintain professional standards in appearance, hygiene, and communication.
8. Professional Competence: Continuously improve your skills and professional standards.
9. Non-Discrimination: Serve all clients regardless of nationality, gender, age, marital status, race, culture, creed, political views, or social standing.
10. Respect for Individuals: Respect the rights and dignity of each individual.
11. Client Care: Show genuine concern and a caring attitude towards clients.
12. Client Responsibility: Encourage clients to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.
13. Accurate Advertising: Ensure advertisements accurately state your qualifications and avoid making claims to cure diseases.

Additional Guidelines

1. Holistic Healing Principle: Understand that the body can heal itself under the right circumstances; practitioners facilitate this healing process rather than perform the healing themselves.
2. Comprehensive Care: Use diverse healing methods and resources to treat the whole person—body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
3. Ethical Healthcare: Provide safe and ethical healthcare, obtaining consent for treatment and protecting clients from infection.
4. Record Keeping and Privacy: Keep proper records and comply with privacy laws.
5. Insurance: Ensure you are covered by insurance.
6. Honesty in Services: Do not mislead clients about your products, services, or qualifications.
7. Personal Health: Do not put clients at risk due to your own physical or mental health issues; do not practice in an impaired state.
8. Financial Exploitation: Do not exploit clients financially.
9. Appropriate Relationships: Avoid inappropriate relationships with clients.
10. Collaborative Care: Do not discourage clients from seeking help from other healthcare practitioners or refuse to collaborate with them.
11. Holistic Treatment: Focus on treating the whole person rather than specific diseases.
12. Responsibility: Accept full responsibility for the holistic services you provide.
13. Ethical Conduct Outside Therapy: Adhere to this code even when offering support outside the therapeutic setting.

This Code of Ethics is adapted from the guidelines established by the Association for Spiritual Healers in Australia (AHHCA) and aligned with the standards of the Umbrella Association for Spiritual Healing (Dachverband für Geistiges Heilen e.V.) in Germany. The comprehensive code has been rephrased and summarized to suit our context in Germany, while maintaining the core principles and ethical standards.

I adhere to these guidelines, and also to the Honor Code for Individuals ​by the Association of Spiritual Integrity (I am a member of the Association of Spiritual Integrity, see also graphic below).