Hi there and good morning from here, lovelies! About 16-ish years ago, I told my then vocal coach about me having severe headaches, often out of nowhere. And she told me that she was currently learning a healing modality which helps her to check in with her inner guidance and to send others healing if needed. And that if I wanted to, she would do that and let me know what info she received. I had never heard about such things before, but wanted to give it a try. She then texted me on the next day saying that she got the info that I have a Spirit Guide and that I will know how to connect with her (this Spirit Guide is a woman). And that this Spirit Guide will guide me in healing those headaches. What was interesting to me was that despite the fact that I was unfamiliar with healing and with the term “Spirit Guide”, my vocal coach was right about me knowing how to connect with my Spirit Guide, though it was kind of confusing to do that at first. To this day, this is still my main Spirit Guide and I learned to trust all her sometimes inconvenient guidance and truth-telling both for my own journey and when I support other people’s evolutionary processes. It led me to a completely different life style which is deeply fulfilling, very creative and lots of fun. Today, to celebrate my own journey so far, I will take a moment and hold the space for your expansion… an expansion that is aligned with your current healing process, with your evolutionary path and with your desire to experience fulfillment. Much love to you! #healing #awakening #femininepower #spiritguides #divinefeminine #lightwork #lightworker


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