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Your feelings matter

Do you lovingly hold yourself while having a so-called negative feeling like anger?

We all tend not to, especially women.
I used to either completely ignore my grumpy-ness or not allow it to be.

One way out for me was to check in with myself on a daily basis and to ask myself what I feel. And to then lovingly hold myself while feeling whatever it is that I am feeling.

Why is this so important?

Your feelings are emotions and emotion is energy in motion. If you block your feelings, you are causing stress and tensions to your energy fields. And what you are blocking in your energy fields is getting bigger and bigger until you get it that you need to process what you are feeling.

And all of your feelings matter – including the so-called negative ones. They all hold important information for you. And by feeling them, these feelings move on and are being replaced by what’s underneath them which is usually love, joy, compassion.

And this is part of the Feminine and it’s magic: your ability to lovingly hold yourself no matter what you are feeling.

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