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Your body has its own consciousness

Everything is energy and everything has its own consciousness, some may call this a soul, some may call this a Deva.

Meaning: just like you are a soul and you are holding a certain level of consciousness, your body does so, too.

Your body is part of the nature kingdom and has it’s own consciousness/soul/Deva.

And why is that good to know?

Any energetic imbalance that you have and that you as a soul are either unconscious about or that is in your subconsciousness shows up first in your chakras and then as a dis-ease in your body.

These imbalances are in most cases not even your issues. I think I can safely say that from my experience, most of the issues that you are dealing with and which cause you pain are actually not yours (actually 70-80% of your issues). They are issues that you took on from other people or from your ancestors.

And your body can only communicate with you that there is something off in your energy fields through energetic imbalances in your chakras and through dis-ease. Plus it cannot process and heal issues that are not yours.

This is one of the reasons why such issues tend to be a chronic illness or unexplainable body symptoms.

Makes sense?

My Spirit Guides and I walk you through a process – energetically – of helping you to shift the consciousness of your energy fields in order to release the energetic disturbances that are causing your symptoms. And when those energetic blocks are released, your updated energy fields can then create a new reality for you, here in the physical realm.

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I help you to heal the energetic aspects of whatever is blocking you from experiencing physical well-being, fulfilment and love in your life. Update your energy fields, update your life: Everything you are experiencing here on earth is an energetic mirror of what is going on in your energy fields. So, if you feel physical, emotional or energetic pain here, in your human body, that’s because there is an energetic disturbance in your energy fields. In other words: When your energy fields are updated, your pain can leave. And this is what my Spirit Guides and I can do for you. I create unique healing experiences for you using my intuitive gifts as well as solution-oriented coaching and healing modalities. And I work openly with my Spirit Guides, the Azez. Healing Sessions are available worldwide via video chat (e.g. Skype) or over the phone, in German or English.


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