Jouleeyah's healing work

Working with spiritual healers was always crucial

In past lifetimes, working with healers and the spiritual realm in order to understand our soul’s purpose and create a fulfilled life was always crucial.

The importance of that connection simply got lost as the feminine and intuitive parts of life got more and more suppressed and forgotten over the past millennia.

And there is a deep yearning within all of us to bring this magic back into our lives, because it helps us to find our place in our modern world much more easily.

By re-awakening your soul purpose and working with the spiritual realm, you will be able to understand that which has been forgotten and you will be able to create a truly fulfilled life.

Most people who come to me are already on a path of following their calling to be a modern wayfinder, a shaman or a priest/ess, i.e. you might be a consultant, a psychotherapist, a healer or a coach in some shape or form.

But no matter what your life’s calling is, here is how I would describe you if you were my client: You want your life to be deeply rooted in love, relatedness and intuitive knowing.

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