Jouleeyah's healing work

What the magic of the Feminine is all about

The magic of the Feminine helps us to find our place in our modern world more easily.

What is this magic all about, though?

The magic of the Feminine has to do with your ability to create a life that is deeply rooted in love, relatedness and intuitive knowing.

How is your relationship with your feelings and needs? Do you treat yourself with the same level of love as you treat other people? Are you making decisions with the help of your third eye’s wisdom?

These are one of the many magical ways that help you to find your place in this modern world more easily.

And any disturbances that you have (e.g. dis-ease, annoying patterns that repeat themselves in your relationships or in your career) are energetically clearly related to the suppression of the Feminine and its magic.

There might be aspects of that suppressive energy in your personal history (e.g. childhood trauma), in your soul’s history (e.g. past life related trauma) or in your ancestor’s history (ancestral trauma).

By releasing these disturbances and re-integrating your magic, you will be realigned with your wholeness again and feel safe, grounded and at home in your body.

My work integrates insights from the fields of Traditional Coaching, Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Evolutionary Spirituality. I use a very modern, non-denominational mix of Spiritual Healing, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing, Akashic Records Reading and Transformative Coaching as a way to ask the Universe/the Divine/Source/God for a customised healing for you.

Additionally, I am also working with a Professional MAP team. MAP is the short term for “Medical Assistance Program”. This program connects me with a team of Spirit Guides who are specialists for your specific health challenges and for your personal growth.

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