Jouleeyah's healing work

There is a deep yearning within all of us

My magic is to translate the energetic information coming from Spirit Guides into something that you can easily understand.

This energetic information helps me to invite deep healing into your life.

You will feel relief and deep energetic shifts, your body will shift into self-healing mode, and your updated energy fields will create new and improved experiences for you.

And I will help you understand your true soul purpose, and how you can use it as your blueprint for your life here on earth: for your self-care, in your private life, in your career, and in your relationships.

Getting in touch with my magic wasn’t an easy path for me and certainly nothing that I was actively looking for.

But when I look back, I can best describe this as a yearning that I felt for many years. And that the relief that I was looking for as part of my awakening process (which like many awakenings came in the form of a crisis) was to be able to embody and express my magic again.

And I do not regret at all that I faced those challenges that came along with my awakening. My life is really fun and a lot more easy now.

May you always find the courage to face your fears and to embrace change trusting that life is supporting you – even if your crisis doesn’t look like that at all, at first.

I help sensitive souls like you to heal the energetic aspects of whatever is blocking you from experiencing physical well-being, love and fulfilment in your life.

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