Jouleeyah's healing work

The most common issues in my healing practice

I think it is way easier to describe who tends to be my client and what they are looking for in their lives because like any spiritual healer I cannot promise any relief for your pain.

But I can promise you that we will not click if you are not sensitive in a way (and this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are shy, your nervous system is just wired differently, and so you are more sensitive to sound and light than other people, and you experience feelings more intensely than other people) and we will not click if you don’t want your life to be deeply rooted in love, relatedness and intuitive knowing. Most of my clients were sceptical about me working with Spirit Guides at first (being sceptical is okay), but I cannot work with you if this puts you on a constant edge.

And here is a list of the most common issues in my healing practice:

  • chronic illness or pain
  • unexplainable body symptoms
  • panic
  • exhaustion
  • setting healthy energetic boundaries in all your relationships
  • deepening your self-love and your ability to create intimacy and authenticity in your relationships
  • getting ready and prepared for a new love relationship.

And I think this list is so broad because I actually help you to re-integrate the Feminine into your life and so the energetic source behind your pain tends to be an aspect of the Feminine being suppressed in your energy fields.

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