Jouleeyah's healing work

The Feminine inside of you is ever-growing, ever-evolving

I often forget to do rituals around the New Moon, but this time around I was prepared and I set some new goals for my life.

As human beings we were conditioned to believe that healing and transformation should only happen when you are really deeply in a crisis or that your healing and your transformation should be completed at one point.

And as much as this is not true for what’s happening in nature where each being is part of a huge supportive eco system and there is constant change… this is not true for you, too.

In past lifetimes, working with healers and the spiritual realm was always crucial, you didn’t meet them only when you were in a crisis. And each area of your life that needs healing and transformation is an invitation for you to learn, to grow and to expand.

The Feminine inside of you is ever-growing, ever-evolving as opposed to the Masculine which has more of a tendency to preserve what’s already working. And both qualities are equally important to you.

The question is: do you feel deserving of having support for your healing and your transformation? I hope so :-)

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