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Finding out if my healing work resonates with you or not can be challenging, I hope these Blog posts help you to get a glimpse of what I am offering:

Your body has its own consciousness  (Just like you are a soul and you are holding a certain level of consciousness, your body does so, too.)

Your feelings matter (If you block your feelings, you are causing stress and tensions to your energy fields.)

Conflict is an opportunity for you to deepen the understanding (yep!)

Knowing yourself means forgiving (People tend to either forgive really fast or not at all. Both exhausts you more or less consciously.)

Your desire to be in a state of Zen is not always helpful (In order for you to live a fulfilled life here on this planet you have to take action in the physical dimension.)

Realign with your wholeness (We are all conditioned that being busy means being successful which is not always helpful if you want to experience love and fulfilment.)

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