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What my healing work can do for you

(as opposed to what a doctor or a psychotherapist does)

Other healing modalities have been created to mainly help you to heal the physical, emotional or mental aspects of whatever is bothering you. Those healing modalities include:

  • western medicine
  • physiotherapy
  • naturopathy
  • herbs, teas, balms, flower essences
  • surgery
  • movement therapy
  • psychotherapy
  • conversational therapy
  • stress reduction (e.g. autogenic training)

My healing work helps you to heal the spiritual and energetic aspects of whatever is bothering you. So I basically look into the information coming from your soul’s essence and I look into your energy fields and chakras.

This energetic information helps you to learn:

  • who you are at soul level
  • why you are here
  • how you can strengthen your self-healing powers
  • how you can release blocks, issues and patterns that are not serving your well-being

This also means that my healing work holistically supports all of the more conventional healing modalities that you may already be using.

And my healing work removes whatever is energetically blocking you from experiencing physical well-being, fulfilment and love in your life.

I also want to mention that I openly work with Spirit Guides in my Healing Sessions. If this puts you on an edge, then we are probably not a good fit (scepticism is totally okay, though, most of my clients were sceptical at first).

People who easily click with my healing work and with me tend to be rather sensitive souls who have a lot of questions about life and who want to understand why they ended up in their current crisis. And my healing work is perfect for you if you want your life to be deeply rooted in love, relatedness and intuitive knowing. 

Together, we will work on your soul’s essence and on your energy fields so you can release your current energy blocks, create a soft and gentle realignment with your wholeness and feel safe, grounded and at home in your body.

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