Jouleeyah's healing work

Spirit Guides are like your imaginary friends

In our Sessions I work mainly with my Spirit Guides, the Azez who are a group of souls that are not incarnated into physical bodies, and they are Spirit Guides as well as angelic Healing Beings – meaning, they can see all of your dimensions (e.g. your soul, your body, your emotions, etc.), they can help you understand who you are and why you are here, and they can send you healing vibes.

Spirit Guides are like your imaginary friends. It’s just that in that case, your imagination is a reality and that these beings are here to support your well-being.

I will occasionally also connect with beings who are not souls, meaning they are pure light, pure spiritual beings who support your personal growth and evolution. These beings are Angels, Devas (the “architects” of everything that exists), Pan (who is the chief nature spirit) or other Healing Beings.

If you are unfamiliar with the presence of these beings, you will get to know them step by step in our Sessions and sense how different they are. I am very interested in giving you a very clear experience of there being Spirit Guides, Angels, Devas, Pan and other Healing Beings.

The reason why I connect with all of these beings is because they have energetic information for you which I translate into something that you can easily understand. This energetic information helps you to invite healing into your life (physically, emotionally, energetically) and to re-connect with your soul’s original LOVE, relatedness, intuitive knowing, sensuality, femininity, masculinity and magic.

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