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Song of the month: ONG NAMO (3 Mantras)

Starting this month (July 2018), I want to add a new thing to my Blog posts called “Song of the month”. Each month I will share one of my new songs – except probably when I am on vacation or I have no inspiration, but then I’ll let you know :-)

In this song I sing 3 of the most common mantras in Kundalini Yoga: ONG NAMO, AAD GUREY and SAT NAM. Mantra singing and Light Language/Toning will be what I will be exploring over the next few months.

Let me know if you cannot find a (Kundalini) Yoga mantra. I am recording mantras every month (starting July 2018). Just send me your mantra via Email to

“Ong Namo” is available on Bandcamp:

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✶ All vocals and instruments and shoe percussion by: Jouleeyah
Written, mixed and mastered by: Jouleeyah

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