I share some of my healing ​songs, meditations and art here on this resources page as a way to help you get in touch with my transformational energy.

You can listen to each song and meditation at full length for free and as often as you like. By clicking on the “download” link in a player, you will be directed to my Bandcamp page where you can save each song or meditation as an audio file to your computer/other devices (these are free downloads, no email registration necessary).

Meditation is a spiritual practice that is used in many cultures.

The effect of a meditation can be measured as a change in the neurological brain waves.

Also, the heartbeat slows down, the breathing deepens, and the muscles relax.

I use healing meditations as part of my Healing Sessions to make it easier for you to step out of your daily life and into relaxation.

The more relaxed you are, the easier you can allow your healing on all levels: physically, emotionally, energetically.

Note: If you put one hand on your forehead while listening to my meditations, you increase their calming and grounding effect. That’s because your brain cannot produce stress hormones when you do this. Instead, it kind of ‘digests’ all the information and feelings that you might currently feel overwhelmed with. And it sends all the energy from your head to your feet.

Most of my music can be just listened to as is and it will send you healing vibes in a very general way – just for the mere fact that my instruments are tuned to 432HZ.

You can listen to my healing music while being creative, while cleaning the house or while taking a walk. Or you can go deeper and meditate.

A 432HZ tuning corresponds with the movement, rhythm and natural vibration of the universe making it easy for you to relax, to meditate and to find inspiration.

The universe is all about LOVE and ONENESS. While listening to my healing music you deeply connect with your heart chakra. This helps you to find support for your connection between the Earth and the Sky, your lower chakras and your upper chakras, your physical dimension and your Divinity, your material world and your spirituality.

Receiving this kind of support creates safety, flow and ease.

Each song focuses on supporting your healing and transformation through the lyrics that I wrote or the (Kundalini Yoga) mantras that I sing. And in addition to the heart chakra they also support certain chakras through the keys and the rhythm they were written in.


Note: You can find the meaning of each mantra and a description for how to properly meditate on it here.

432HZ healing music

Each song focuses on supporting your healing and transformation through connecting with one of your chakras and with the sounds of nature (bees, frogs, birds, trees, water). And I sing using light language. Light Language is a form of sound healing that picks up information from the other realms.

Note: An easy way to meditate with my songs is to listen to them while sitting in easy pose – with your spine straight, your shoulders dropped, muscles around your eyes relaxed, jaw unclenched. Put your left hand onto your heart chakra and your right hand onto your left hand. Take four deep breaths in and out. And then close your eyes and listen to the song or sing together with me.

I sometimes make drawings as a way of creating extra energetic support for my clients.

And I send these drawings to my clients as simple PDF files.

Now some of these drawings are here on my Website, too.

I love the following quote by Martha Graham, and I always keep it in mind when being creative:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.”

Here are two drawings which you can download and then print from home or in a copy/print shop:

Download “Your are Love” postcard (PDF file)

Download “You are guided” postcard (PDF file)

In 2019 I started taking polaroids of flowers, trees and other plants. And I listened to the messages that they had. You can find each message on the second page of each PDF file.

Here are two polaroids for you which you can download and then print them from home or in a copy/print shop:

What you love (PDF file)

Tears (PDF file)

If you’d like to receive healing and guidance from my Spirit Guides and me as related to your physical health or your relationships or your career, contact me for a Free Discovery Session:

​Free Discovery Session

My Spirit Guides and I will help you to figure out:

✶ ​where and why you are struggling with your specific situation and challenges
✶ ​what you need to do in order to release your energetic blocks
✶ ​how you can create a soft and gentle realignment with ​the essence of your soul which at its core is healthy and whole.

Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.