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Knowing yourself means forgiving

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Reflective Questions

  1. Are you forgiving too fast or not at all?
  2. Who and what have you not forgiven yet? (including yourself)
  3. Why do you think you have not been able to forgive them/yourself/that yet? (hint: a very common thing besides avoiding difficult feelings is avoiding conflict or consequences)
  4. How could you practice forgiveness?
  5. What could you do in order to be more loving towards yourself and others?

Write down your answers, don’t just think about them.

Forgive yourself and others

I think knowing yourself is highly depending on your ability to forgive – yourself and others.

People tend to either forgive really fast or not at all.

Forgiving too fast

When you forgive too fast, you are not paying attention to those parts within you that are hurt and that need more time to process your sadness or your anger.

We are all conditioned to push such so-called negative feelings away, so that’s a very common reaction to your pain. And then your pain is still present in your energy fields in the background which exhausts you more or less consciously.

Try your best to feel your feelings, all of them.

Underneath your sadness is a deeper level of self-love.

Underneath your anger is a deeper level of joy.

Underneath your fear is a deeper level of power and strength.

Forgiving not at all

If that’s not true for you, and you tend to never forgive, you are probably believing that forgiving would mean that you being in pain is not justified.

Energetically it is irrelevant if your pain is justified or not. There is a spot in your energy fields that is painful and this is exhausting you. And this spot stays there regardless of whether or not your pain is justified or not.

Nothing is ever forgotten in your energy fields, and it stays there over all of your lifetimes.

By forgiving, you give yourself the opportunity to understand the spiritual lesson of your pain. And then what used to be your pain turns into a strength. And then your pain can leave.

When you allow your pain to leave and you do so in an honest way, you will not forget what hurt you and why, you just won’t be hurt and exhausted anymore. And besides that this is a huge relief for you and for your energy fields, this also increases your ability to know yourself. And this creates a deeper level of authentic connection and intimacy – between you and others. That‘s good and healthy.

You are much more beautiful than you think you are. And forgiving yourself and others is always worth. every. effort.

Healing needs a witness

You cannot become yourself all by yourself, this would be really hard for anyone here on this planet.

Find out what kind of support and care you need.

This could be therapy, this could be receiving healing from my Spirit Guides and me.

Whatever resonates with you, will bring you the solution.

What would you like to do today?

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