Jouleeyah's healing work

I don’t listen to your problems

People tend to think that I get booked by people who will never get well and that this unfortunately means that I have to listen to problems all day.

The truth is: I work with rather sensitive people who tend to be leaders in their professional life who DESPITE their healthy life style, their level of awareness and their efforts were dealing with a physical health issue or a relationship issue that just didn’t seem to want to go away.

And together we dissolve this physical health issue or this relationship issue on an energetic level.

Once and for all.

And so what I listen to all day is the beauty of your soul’s essence, the beauty of your heart, the beauty of your life purpose.

You are way more beautiful than you think you are.
And you deserve to be well.

I help sensitive souls like you to heal the energetic aspects of whatever is blocking you from experiencing physical well-being, love and fulfilment in your life.

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