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Energy Work isn’t hard to do

Oftentimes people struggle to contact me for Healing Sessions because they believe that doing energy work will be hard to do.

And while there is always a little bit of homework for you to do (e.g. breathing in a certain way for a few minutes before going to bed at night), you will only need to be present and open during a Session with me.

And this is not going to be difficult.

Most of the energy work that I do will be done in the other realms, meaning: I make requests to my Spirit Guides based on what I see happening in your energy fields and we will send you healing vibes.

This helps your body and you to then change in the physical dimension a lot easier than if you try to dissolve your issues on a mental, emotional or physical level only.

You can maybe compare my healing work to building a new house: my Guides and I are the architects who build the house based on your ideas and you can just walk in and fill the house with life.

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I help you to heal the energetic aspects of whatever is blocking you from experiencing physical well-being, fulfilment and love in your life. Update your energy fields, update your life: Everything you are experiencing here on earth is an energetic mirror of what is going on in your energy fields. So, if you feel physical, emotional or energetic pain here, in your human body, that’s because there is an energetic disturbance in your energy fields. In other words: When your energy fields are updated, your pain can leave. And this is what my Spirit Guides and I can do for you. I create unique healing experiences for you using my intuitive gifts as well as solution-oriented coaching and healing modalities. And I work openly with my Spirit Guides, the Azez. Healing Sessions are available worldwide via video chat (e.g. Skype) or over the phone, in German or English.


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