Jouleeyah's healing work

Energy work can create change really quickly

Oftentimes people hesitate to contact me for Healing Sessions because they believe that they would have to learn yet another new tool and they are already totally busy with their daily tasks and workload.

And while there might sometimes be some homework to do for you (e.g. breathing a certain way for several minutes a few times a day), I hardly ever have to teach you anything new because I re-connect you with tools that you have mastered over many lifetimes but have forgotten to use because they are part of the Feminine which is still suppressed.

And those tools are really easy for you to use and they can create change for you really quickly.

What I actually really only need from you in Sessions is your presence and your openness.

This helps me to clearly identify what kind of energy work I have to do that will uncover your access to the Feminine.

And this access helps you to gain clarity regarding your current challenges (e.g. chronic illness or pain, unexplainable body symptoms, panic, exhaustion) and to invite healing.

This way your body and you can change in the physical dimension a lot easier than if you try to dissolve your issues on a mental, emotional or physical level only.

You can maybe compare my healing work to building a new house: my Guides and I are the architects who build the house based on your ideas and you can just walk in and fill the house with life.

I help sensitive souls like you to heal the energetic aspects of whatever is blocking you from experiencing physical well-being, love and fulfilment in your life.

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