Jouleeyah's healing work

Does this resonate with you?

I think I have 3 types of clients: some of them have a spiritual background and are familiar with Yoga, meditation and certain coaching/healing modalities; some of them are living a healthy lifestyle and have not yet been in touch with their spirituality and they love nature, music, art, sports; and some of them are very sceptical about spirituality as such but they can sense that I am honest and therefore trust me.

What they do share with each other is, though, that all of their usual go-to-tools don’t work for the particular issue that they are dealing with which is either a dis-ease or annoying patterns that repeat themselves in their relationship area or career (e.g. never finding the right partner for themselves; not being respected at work).

I think the reason why we click with each other is because we share the same values: my clients and I want our lives to be deeply rooted in love, relatedness and intuitive knowing.

And the reason why we get the desired results is because my healing work is the missing piece in their puzzle: other healing modalities have been created to mainly help you to heal the physical, emotional or mental aspects of whatever is bothering you. My healing work helps you to heal the spiritual and energetic aspects of whatever is bothering you (e.g. who you are at soul level, why you are here, how you can release energetic blocks, issues and patterns that are not serving your well-being).

And I work openly with Spirit Guides.

The biggest challenge when wanting to connect with your Spirit Guides is that you tend to already be in a crisis and then you either don’t see or hear these beings or you get mixed messages or you get overwhelmed.

I got a good sense of my Spirit Guides many years before I learned how to use their support in Healing Sessions. And I am very relaxed around communicating with them and around receiving information from them that helps me to invite healing into your life.

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