Business Healing

This offer is for consultants, healers, therapists and coaches:

Everything you are experiencing in your life is an energetic mirror of what is going on in your energy fields – and that is true for your business, too: Everything that happens in your business has an energetic reason behind it. So, if your client flow is stuck, for example, that’s because there is an energetic disturbance in your energy fields. In other words: When your energy fields are updated, you will attract new clients again. And this is what my Spirit Guides and I can do for you.

My Spirit Guides and I walk you through a process – energetically – of helping you to shift the consciousness of your energy fields in order to release the energetic disturbances that are affecting your client flow. And when those energetic blocks are released, your updated energy fields can then create a new reality for you, here in the physical realm, and in the natural flow of your business.

Together with the Deva of your business, my Spirit Guides and I will work on your soul’s essence and on your energy fields so you can release your current energy blocks, create a soft and gentle realignment with your wholeness and enjoy all parts of your business – including your client attraction.

You will gain clarity around what kind of action you really need to take. And you will find out which elements of your business can just stay the way they are, because they are already perfect.

My Healing Sessions are available worldwide via video chat (e.g. Skype) or over the phone, in German or English.

Free Strategy Session

If you are a consultant, healer, therapist or coach, I invite you to book a FREE STRATEGY SESSION with me. In this Session, I will help you to:

  • Become aware of what’s blocking your business from thriving,
  • and learn how to free yourself from these blocks.

In my Strategy Session, you can discuss your needs with me, ask me any questions you might have and find out if I am the right healer for you and your business.

I look forward to supporting the healing and transformation of your business!