Jouleeyah's songs

A song for you: Magic Woman

“Your eyes can see my water, your mouth can taste my sun, your nose can smell my fire, your ears can hear my moon”.

These are the lyrics to my song “Magic Woman” from the first album I made all by myself.

I used to only play my songs live and to record them only very vaguely so that I have something in order to get booked. Meaning: you weren’t able to buy my music. Not even at concerts. For a very long time. I think I only had a proper CD out and you were able to buy my music from 2008-2010. And then I took a break from performing. Kind of funny, isn’t it?

For most of the time, people didn’t know what to expect when they came to my concerts. And for some odd reason, they came to my concerts any way, I don’t remember playing for an empty room ever, except once I had my CD out (and probably because I didn’t like these recordings which is why those aren’t available anymore).

Any way… so I am still taking a break because I started performing professionally at the age of 16 and it began to exhaust me (I am now in my 40-s).

And so musically I am only recording my songs (old and new ones) and making stop animation videos out of them (you can find the videos on my About page).

I prefer having music as a hobby at the moment and earning my living with Healing Sessions. And once I am ready, I will perform again.