The basis of energy work is oriented towards how nature functions: each effect precedes a cause, everything has to do with polarity, your energy follows what you are focussing on and everything is interconnected, vibrates and influences each other. Translated into how your body functions, this means that your cells are communicating with each other. And your nevous system sends out information. And your heart, mind and soul hold information for you. Plus your body is influenced by your surroundings and can get in imbalance due to that. As an energy worker, it is my job to find blockages of energy and to analyze if your energy fields are in harmony with the essence of your soul which at its core is always happy, healthy, holy. And I make requests to your Higher Self and to your Spirit Guides so that you can activate and strengthen your self-healing powers. This healing process guides your whole being back to your true nature and purpose here on this planet and helps you to experience true fulfilment. To put this into simple words: What you and I will do in our Sessions is to explore not only your body’s energy, but also your surroundings, your relationship area, your job. This can help you to create the solution for whatever is currently challenging for you – a physical health issue, a relationship issue or a repeated pattern that bothers you in your job. Wanna play? #healing #awakening #femininewisdom #energywork #healingprayer #divinefeminine #femininepower #sacredfeminine #sacredfeminineenergy #awakeningwomen #femininepowercoachgermany #lightwork #lightworker #prayer


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