Your body has a different consciousness than you. What that means is that you might be awake and very aware of who you are and with where you want to go. But it could be that your body is still reacting to your current state of being with the tools that you had available as a child or in one of your past lives – depending on what kind of consciousness gets triggered at the moment. And it could be that these tools don’t serve you anymore which is why you are having such a hard time to create the kind of fulfilled life that you desire to have. So, you do not only deal with the fight or flight mechanisms of your body. You are also dealing with the feelings and needs of the child or past life within you. This confusion makes you seek a very yummy zen state of being, so you probably meditate and re-evaluate your vision a lot, but you do not take any action which could actually create what you desire to experience in your life. This difference between the consciousness of your mind and of your body tends to put you on quite an edge and creates a gap between your vision and your current reality. That is because this gap is part of the Divine Femine which your soul is seeking to re-integrate into your life. And since the Divine Feminine has been suppressed for so many hundreds and thousands of years, closing this gap can feel very strange at first. But exploring your feelings and needs while making sure that you also take action regarding your vision is totally worth your effort. It creates safety for your body, an alignment of your body with your vision and a fulfilled life. In my case this kind of new self care mainly means creating a very yummy breakfast every day and sticking to some very strict rituals throughout the day which I know will give my body a deep sense of safety and my mind the needed clarity to take action. I hope this was helpful for you as info and I send you much love #healing #awakening #femininewisdom #divinefeminine #femininepower #sacredfeminine #sacredfeminineenergy #awakeningwomen #femininepowercoachgermany #lightwork #lightworker


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