This is a question that is not easy for me to answer. From my experience, most people begin with weekly Sessions for about 4–6 weeks and then continue booking me occasionally, as needed, over the period of 1–2 years, to stabilise their healing process. Some of my clients don’t just want healing for their bodies. They enjoy creating well-being in all areas of their lives with the help of their Spirit Guides, which is a lot of fun (and it’s my passion to do this kind of co-creation together with you) and so they come to me on a weekly basis. And some only need one or two Sessions and then move on without me. What tends to work best is to begin with one Session and to check in with yourself after a week if you need another Session. #healing #lightwork #lightworker #awareness #awakening #physicalwellbeing #alternativeandholistichealth


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