When you grow up in a surrounding that doesn’t necessarily support creativity or sensitivity or sensuality, it can be very challenging to develop a loving relationship with yourself as an adult. And the strange thing about this is that what is off in your life, doesn’t even have a name. You just know that something is off. Sometimes this shows up as a physcial health issue that confuses you because you have a very healthy lifestyle and you know that you should be well, but you are often not. Sometimes you just feel overwhelmed by everyone else’s I-got-it-all-figured-out-and-I-have-a-clear-plan-for-myself lives while you feel unfulfilled with your job or your business. And you know that you shouldn’t feel unfulfilled because you love what you do. Sometimes you don’t understand how in the world you attracted such a non-fitting love relationship, again. When in fact you did a lot of soul searching and were very clear about who you want to be with. And what I can say from my own experience as someone growing up with such complexities is that: all is well, darling. The gap that you are sensing between your vision and your current reality is the gap between the Divine Masculine and Feminine expressed through you. And it can be healed. It will actually bring out the best in you in every area of your life. And closing that gap is worth your effort. You are worthy of love, authenticity, joy and connection. #healing #lightwork #lightworker #joy #meaningful #uplifting #yoga #awakening #awareness #mindfulness


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