As a goddess in a human body I had to go into the woods once per week and snuggle with a snake. It was the only way for me to protect myself from projection and to clearly remember that I am divine. Projection (your own and that from others) can be the most toxic thing to happen to you in your relationships. You immediately forget your divinity which is unlimited and undefined. The trick is to challenge yourself and to keep asking: Am I currently making an assumption about myself or others? What am I sensing and what is that telling me? And then listen with an open heart. This communication will save precious relationships from ending, it will help you to understand the language of your body (which can only communicate with you through illness or wellbeing) and most importantly: it will help you stay connected to your own divinity and to thrive. If you are seeking healing for your body or spiritual guidance regarding any aspect of your life, go check out all the info on my Website about Healing Sessions with me (link is in profile). #healing #awakening #magic #thedivinefeminine #divinity #feminism #femininity


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