People would sit down in my shadow and bring me flowers. And they would share their prayers with me. And I would hold their intentions with my peace. Some would try to manipulate my power and force me into causing destruction and pain. But this never worked. You can only use my power for what is coming truly and purely from your heart. I think that maybe we are all seeking peace internally and externally because it is strongly connected to divine power and because it is one of the dominating essences of your true nature and makes you feel at home. And I think that it is probably more difficult to experience such peace as a human being than as a tree because you have so many feelings. And especially as a sensitive soul you try to avoid the rather difficult feelings. The trick is to keep breathing while you feel whatever you feel. This way you will experience the peace of your true nature at the same time. And your prayers will be heard. It’s a divine power that we all have. Test this for yourself. #trees #nature #lightworker #awakening #poetry #peace #intuition #wisdom #healing


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