Hello Lovelies… I wanted to properly introduce myself here on IG and share a few things about me: My name is Jouleeyah aka Julia Fröhlich. I use an artist name because I want something shorter and easier to remember. And I consider myself an artist in everything that I do, even when it’s healing work. That is because to me everything that I do from music to drawings to healing work is about creating something that wasn’t there before and making sure that the energy behind that is honest and authentic. I have always been a very chatty person and I have communicated with my Spirit Guides as soon as I was able to speak. This kind of communication is as important to me as the air that I breathe because I am such an intuitive person and lacking any kind of pragmatism or sense of practicality. So, I rely on their guidance in my daily life. Meaning: If I need a new sweater, they not only tell me, they also show me where to find it based on what kind of sweater I want to have. This guidance is stunningly accurate and saves me many hours of needing to walk from shop to shop and trying out sweaters. And I am currently also using these abilities to find people and places because I want to move away from where I live. So, using this guidance for my healing work and for guiding others spiritually really is the easiest thing in the world for me because I have been practising this so much in my own life. I also often feel as if communicating with my Spirit Guides and translating what they have to say is the only thing that I can do well, but of course this is not totally true. It’s more that other things like making music, learning languages or making art involved much more of a learning process. And everything related to healing and guidance involved much more of a remembering of my true nature and daring to be that. Any way, so: HELLO… I look forward to the next few weeks and months because so much is changing in my life: I started doing commission work for my music for the first time last week, I will be opening a proper online shop for my art soon, a new album is in the making… This is fun and I look forward to connecting with you more here on IG! Much love from me


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