lovelies…! i just started creating the artwork for a new song which is an on-demand composition and will be out in december (in about 2-3 weeks). and i am a bit overly excited about this song! first of all because it’s my first on-demand composition and second of all because it was my client’s wish that the song is similar to snatam kaur’s “may the long time sun shine upon you” (no pressure) and goes straight to the heart. what i can say is that it truly is the most hearty-heart-heart thing that i ever wrote and i look very much forward to sharing this song with you! this request to do an on-demand composition came out of nowhere for me even though i have been wanting to such work for a very long time. plus i sense that this work is needed especially for small businesses who can’t spent tons of money on the music for their videos and ads. i am a creative commons artist, so my licences for such work are a lot more affordable and also less complicated to get. i really LOVE this new way of being creative and of service. more to come soon, then! #music #heart #ondemandcomposition #songwriting #creativecommons #creativescommonsartist #art #drawing


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