Besides providing energy work for those who are seeking healing for their body, I have also refined my work on your energy fields regarding any aspect of your life. I call this spiritual guidance and it can help you in getting more and more precise, effective and easy about your action taking plan. That is because the issues are dissolved in the higher realms first which can speed up your transformational process in a very natural and grounded way. Your soul and the idea for your business, relationships, lightwork have their origin in the higher realms where everything functions at the speed of light. Doing the energy work there first is as I say very natural to you and it helps you to feel more grounded here on earth (basically because you feel more at home in your body) and to be able to embrace the effort that comes along with taking action down here on earth. If this approach resonates with you, I invite you to check out all info about Healing Sessions with me on my Website (link is in profile). I look forward to supporting your creativity, your healing and your transformation! #spirituality #intuition #lightwork #lightworker #healing


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