Feel loved, supported and home in your body

When I allow Life to look at you through my eyes I can see your inner and outer beauty, your heart, your soul, your uniqueness, your value, your purpose and your joy of life.

You are amazing – we all are!

I help you to heal from the constant loop of unkindness in your life and to feel loved, supported and at home in your body.

You are really tired of people disrespecting you and being mean to you, judging you, criticising you all the time. Or you really want to get out of the self-critic and the self-hatred, of looking for perfection externally, of feeling like you can never do or be enough.

This often also includes that you are experiencing panic attacks or anxiety, or you feel extremely stressed out and exhausted or you are suffering from chronic illness or pain.

Which can all be symptoms of that loop of unkindness. And you want to stop that cycle, but you don’t know how to do that.

I know how absolutely hopeless and annoying this can be.

First and foremost, I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you.

From my experience of 16 years as a Spiritual Healer (since 2003), I have found that there is a way to create the changes that you desire from a place of clarity, love and freedom.

What you should know about your not-enoughness (Video)


​​To find out how you can get yourself out of ​your challenging situation and take the first steps to create more love and support in your life, please ​go to my Video page here​.
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Experience your sense of worthiness being reflected back to you

Imagine what you would feel like if you could shift from “I am tired of never being enough despite all my efforts.”
​to “I am always loved and supported.”

​Find out how your energy fields affect your physical well-being, your relationships and your career.

​✶ ​LOVE
​Make choices that are more aligned with ​how amazing and beautiful you really are.

​Create a new reality for you that is based on love, relatedness, creativity and intuitive knowing.

What I can help you with

Most of my clients (actually: 60%) came to me because of (chronic or occasional) illness or pain. The rest of them mostly came to me either because of conflicts in relationships (e.g. marital crisis, difficult relationships with parents/siblings/friends or with colleagues/boss, being bullied at work) or because of inexplicable panic attacks and other issues.

You can find a complete list of issues that I can help you with on my Sessions page.

What all of my clients had in common – regardless of their challenging situations or issues – was a deep heart’s desire that so far they weren’t able to experience despite all their efforts. And a deep desire to understand what their annoying issues were trying to tell them. 

And this is what my Spirit Guides and I are here for: to help you to understand and dissolve the energetic source behind your current challenges. And to support you with achieving what truly matters to you – love, kindness, (physical) well-being and fulfilment.

About Jouleeyah

I am highly-sensitive and tender-hearted which is why my healing work tends to work best for people who consider themselves to be sensitive, too.

Many sensitive souls are feeling called to be a modern wayfinder, a shaman or a priest/ess, i.e. you might be an artist, teacher, writer, musician, consultant, psychotherapist, healer or coach in some shape or form. 

But no matter what your life’s calling is, I think that what all of us sensitive souls share with each other is that we want to live our lives with our whole heart.

I look forward to getting to know you and to supporting your healing and your transformation!

✶ Jouleeyah ✶
Spiritual Healer + Musician + Artist | I help you to feel loved, supported and at home in your body | Experience: 16 years (since 2003) | Certified Transformative Coach (since 2012) |

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Please note that my healing work is not a replacement for medical, naturopathic or therapeutic diagnostics or treatment.