Hi there lovely,

I offer modern Healing Sessions for sensitive souls like you who are seeking healing for their body and a deeper connection with their Spirit Guides so they can create well-being in all areas of their life.

You want to feel well in your body, you want to have clear goals and a vision, and you want to spend your life doing something meaningful, with the people who excite you the most.

But instead, this is what you experience: your physical health issues, your relationship issues or your career-related issues are exhausting you, and you keep having to react to what life throws at you rather than being able to actively create what you want to experience.

I know how absolutely hopeless and annoying this can be.

In my Healing Sessions, I translate the energetic information coming from my Spirit Guides (the Azez) into something that you can easily understand.

The Azez are specialists for supporting your health (e.g. chronic illness, panic, exhaustion), your career (e.g. working with your Spirit Guides in your business), and your relationships (e.g. letting go of unhealthy relationships, calling in your beloved partner).

Their energetic information helps you to invite healing into your life – physically, emotionally and energetically – and to re-connect with your soul’s original, unconditional LOVE.

Together, we will explore your soul’s essence and your energy fields so you can create a soft and gentle change that is aligned with your wholeness and makes you feel safe and at home in your body.

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  • Healing Sessions are held worldwide via Skype or over the phone.
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I look forward to supporting your healing and your transformation!
Healer + Musician + Artist